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Strange, based on the comments sections lately I expected to see quite a few people saying, "I act like an irrational fanboy and lash out with personal attacks and call for various people to quit the industry or be fired!"

Well when you put it that way...

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It's not hard, I just ignore them and keep loving what I'm loving. Right now Destiny is the most fun I've had with a game this year and just because not everyone is onboard doesn't bother me, its even kind of turned me around on loot driven games.

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It might actually be Destiny, it has some holes to fill but I'm really having a great time with it.

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Looks great, all I want now is a caption contest.

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I'm undecided. I need to play around a bit more to see how it affects the balance of the game.

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It's got to be between Titanfall and Watch Dogs I'd think. I don't know how early the GB crew started souring on Watch Dogs but it had HUGE hype at one point pretty much across the board.

Then there's Titanfall, oh Titanfall, the game that was going to re-revolutionize console FPS games and everyone was done with two weeks after it coming out.

Titanfall was a perfectly fine game. There was nothing that was going to revolutionize anything. It was the next thing from the CoD creators, and that's what it was. GB (Jeff?) had it right, it's a 4-star game. Nothing revolutionary but very solid for what it was.

Don't know if you're referring to PC or what, but I still have zero issues finding a game to join on X1.


I'd vote Watch Dogs, mostly because what it appeared it would be at first compared to what actually came out on shelves was so underwhelming. Destiny was disappointing, but the game was so shrouded in mystery (even up until launch) that it was hard to get overly excited for it, unless someone is just a huge Bungie nut or whatever. I've been playing the thing for a week now and I still have questions about it.

Titanfall wasn't a bad game, it was just pedestrian, extremely lacking in content and long term hooks. Whether or not you thought Titanfall was going to revolutionize things I can't say but there was a large wave of hype saying it would be the next COD 4 and change everything for FPS games once again. Obviously that wasn't the case. Titanfall doesn't need to have been a "bad" game for it to have been one of the most disappointing.

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@tourgen: I think it's unsurprising, one of the biggest components of a big disappointment is expectations which are at least partially driven by marketing.

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Eh it's the new Jersey Shore but with a different demo, they'll be gone from your airwaves and memories by 2016 at the latest but in the meantime they are going to squeeze every last dime out of this phenomenon by reaching into every medium there is. I'm sure there are Duck Dynasty books, t-shirts, cozies, branded condoms, ect.

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Cornbredx i dont understand ur statement plz explain. And just now i login in this site (look my posts) bcoz i dont think the discussion between fc3 and ac3 was fair.

The original question was asked by someone about 2 years ago.

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Now we just need to know what was in that envelope Dave left for the GOTY awards that one year.