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Hopefully people learn to actually communicate with each other in 2015, I continue to think Twitter plays some role in dragging down even the most reasonable, compassionate, and earnest voices into the internet conversation garbage compactor.

Thanks for the list Alex, hopefully '15 can be a year of more smiles and less anger.

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Can't say I didn't see this coming, I've got a lot of good memories of your work here and I wish you the best going forward.

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@bargainben: What are you even talking about?

A lot of you used #gamergate as an excuse to harass women, and its always a little creepy when I see people digging this deep to "expose" a 10 year old girl for what is clearly a harmless marketing tactic. Just asking for a little restraint is all.


It seems more like a ham handed attempt to make this about something it's not, after all the only person to bring "gamergate" into this is you. I'll agree with you on restraint but I'm not in the know enough to know whether people are showing it or not.

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@legion_: I would assume the people who's job it is to cover games take them seriously otherwise they'd be wasting their lives which would be pretty sad. Not really relevant to this discussion though.

Like I said earlier marketers deceiving people erodes our trust in each socially and that's really lame but not unique to this situation or industry.

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Marketers suck, that is all.

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Mmm Fiber One and Jim Beam part of a balanced breakfast.

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I bought CoD: Ghosts, I know I'm a bad man. I haven't bought every CoD that's come out but the one's that I did buy I had always enjoyed. I always thought people exaggerated their hatred against CoD but, damn, Ghosts was actually a straight up bad game.

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Nice write up man, glad to hear another person appreciate a game that I still place as one of my top gaming experiences.

I think the "story" of Persona 4 is actually a little under sold by a lot of people. As a writer and avid reader over time I've come to the conclusion that "story" as interpreted as strictly plot is rarely what defines quality writing, at an essential level most plots are very similar in their basic structure. To me the "story" in P4 succeeds as a framework to allow for the character interactions that define the game to take place and sets up a semi vignette type structure where the driving force of progression is to see the next character's arc play out while also feeding into an incidental larger narrative structure.

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This may sound cruel but I'm so sick of this -gate shit.... First Celebragate, then gamergate, and now this garbage? How the hell can anyone compare this trash to the original watergate scandal is a moron. Yeah they may look different but shut up about this whatevergate filth...

It's been going on for at least a couple of decades now so I wouldn't count on it going away anytime soon. It is truly Nixon's worst legacy.