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@nickhead: i love their Diotima album, I'm gonna wait to try that one because earlier today i already stumbled upon...

reclusive blasphemy by One Master. i keep waiting for black metal to not be the thing anymore but every year my favorite album ends up being a black metal album. this is way out in front for right now, and check out the cover...

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Destiny. I don't do dailies every day, but I check in with the bounty board most days, and pick up some of the more enjoyable+rewarding ones, which then carry over, and when i have six or seven bounties collected, always with some overlap between them, I try to do them all in one hyper-efficient session, and that's pretty fun actually.

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experiences that are maybe an hour long, maybe one-off thrill rides, maybe a five or ten hour episodic campaign thing, but to me it seems too uncomfortable a set-up to accommodate the kind of time-sinks we're used to - faffing in menus, dressing your character, reading text, i think the headset will be too draining for a lot of that stuff, and when it comes to that 'oh god i need to relax' game we'll be back to the gamepad and screen like always.

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i've never played em but isn't that what those Torchlight games are?

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I love space and science stuff, but I'm not that great with understanding it all, does anyone know how far away that is in, like, regular earth years? As far as the speed of the shuttles we have now? Is that like, we would need to invent faster travel then we have now for it to be even remotely visitable? Or like build some sort of massive space ship that can support life for generations so like, our kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids can see it?

Light year is a how fast light can travel in a regular earth year, so it's not a measurement of time.


Even if it took 1,400 years that's too long to survive in space. And i don't think faster than light travel will happen tbh

it's my understanding the faster than light travel is impossible according to the laws of physics, however it is theoretically possible to design a spacecraft that can last long enough in space, and get there over many many generations, but what i'm wondering is will information ever be able to travel faster than light? like, will the news on earth 1 ever be relevant to earth 2? that planet could have been destroyed 1399 years ago and we wouldn't find out about it until next year. so in human terms it could only ever be like two completely separate universes, right? more or less completely irrelevant to eachother.

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yes. love that game, and although i've never been much of a total war guy, Alien:Isolation was so good that, along with Viking, it has made Creative Assembly one of my fav developers.

Viking had plenty going for it, great style and atmosphere, superb world design. A sequel surely would have answered the main problems critics had at the time - performance issues during the big battles, and that the gameplay was too one dimensional, something that has never actually bothered me in numerous playthroughs.

I'm all set for Total Warhammer, but I hope CA do these more atmospheric ventures more often.

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getting stuck on things - this so very rarely happens in real life, we have the ability to move over or slide around or along obstacles even when we can't see straight or walk in a straight line.

excessive prodding and camera shake. i'd say this stuff breaks more than helps with immersion, it's just too annoying.

loss of audio as a way of conveying low health. it seems like this is becoming a thing of the past but man it drove me crazy in the mass effect games.

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@tajasaurus: faction gear just allows you to pinpoint your build better, because each one services specific stats, but ultimately it doesn't make much difference, vanguard armor works the same, you just don't get the same level of choice between strength, discipline, and intelligence. sticking purely with vanguard is perfectly fine.