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i might try the new player stream today, but i've got the hang of most of it by now, i'm still a bit vague on some of the items but the biggest trick for me was memorizing what player is on what hero as the game starts - because the main stream commentators mostly refer to the player and you kinda need to know immediately what skill / spell to look for to be able to see it go off in time. Still, i wouldn't say no to a bit more info graphics in that regard. i also wish the panel would ramble less during the draft and be more on point when explaining why each hero is getting banned or picked, but maybe the noob stream does that better.

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  • Lots of people will argue lockpicking isn't worth it but bashing your way through everything is really harmful to your equipment. So if you don't want to be repairing constantly maybe pick it up.

I'm definitely one of those people who think lockpicking isn't worthwhile. I don't bash down doors, I burn them down with spells to avoid the durability hit. Same with chests.

i've been doing the same, but i kinda feel like there should be a percentage chance to destroy whatever's in the chest with that method. feels like that would be at home here.

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i presume they're going to start showing the teams as they prepare and play for the main event - the whole set-up last year with the two sound-proof booths overlooking the crowd was awesome, cutting to and from the player's reactions and celebrations, and I missed all that in the coverage so far.

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  • delaying a turn simply puts the character at the back of the turn que for that turn only, this is useful if you want your fighters to wait for buffs/debuffs or for the enemy fighters to come to you

how is this done?

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@karkarov: sorry, u misread my post, I was talking about forum activity about every other type of game, not this one - basically I was saying a lot of those complaints come from the world of the modern, convenience-first, casual gamer and do not apply here, and in fact are considered positives by it's intended audience.

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@karkarov: all your negatives, you sound like you've spent too long on forums debating the merits and presentation of far too many over-produced and inconsequential games.

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@arbitrarywater: i think that's just the magic-user's grab animation, not telekinesis, which only applies to characters and mobs AFAIK.

@seppli: yeah, seems to me, at least early on, even one level above is not worth the hassle, and more exploring is a better idea.

as someone who plays all bioware games on the highest setting i think the 'normal' difficulty here is really well done, really challenging, forcing the player to get familiar with items from the get go, with enemies using every skill available to the player, and using them well - enemy archers resurrecting fallen comrades with scrolls etc. I'm already looking forward to a hyper-efficient 'hard' playthrough, and i honestly don't think i'll be able for the 'lone wolf' and 'glass cannon' perks but we shall see.

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yep, diggin this so far.

big plus: you get to design two characters

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i've had one since whenever demon's souls came out and it's super quiet, never notice any noise from it, i've been using it a lot more than my 360 for the past 2 years, and it handles all my netflix / blu-ray / dvd traffic, which is a fair whack.

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spec-ops the line, dishonored, dark souls, xcom enemy within, the saboteur x2, dark souls 2 x3

add Just Cause 2 and that's it. i haven't played a game in a while, might even go without until september.