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yeh i'ma get one for halo 5 + tomb raider probably

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Bethesda. Todd Howard presents his work with great conviction and he continues, despite going with a fully voiced protagonist this time, to champion individuality in games, adding extensive customization to his template, and holding firm to that all-important freedom to 'shoot the other guy in the face' if we want.

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people need to stop complaining about this stuff and realize it happens in every form of entertainment - director's cuts, remastered albums, books get updated editions all the time, and none of it does any harm, it's more income for the creators, and more entertainment for the people who buy.

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finding the best spots to build.

scavenging so i can build.

being a proud home-owner of the wasteland.

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@hayt: yeah i hear you. i mean you can still ignore the main quest (and skip through the opening) if you want, but also having to avoid interactions if your banter undermines your idea of a character is kind of a bummer, and definitely not a great route for the rpg.

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pretty effing hyped.

not happy about the voice but at least i can still run away from ALL conversations if i want, and still make a sociopathic harpy cannibal if i want.

but the big thing for me is the base-build system, it was EXACTLY what i wanted to see. i will spend days and weeks on that shit, bring it on.

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Catman in Oblivion, got acrobatics to 100 quick, made a habit of jumping on top of those stone towers and raining down arrows on enemies, i also found an amulet with +15 acrobatics at the top of one of the highest ones, bumping me to 115. The height, distance, and directional control achieved would qualify today as 'broken' no doubt, add to that the top acrobatics perk of being able to jump on the surface of water and leaping from one thing to the next was pretty much the only way i got around.

down side was i used to get so carried away bounding across the land i often jumped too far out over too big a drop and fell to my death going 'oh shit i haven't saved in ageSPLAT.'

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squad control is great news. reasons to get an xb1 just went up for me.

i can't imagine switching my multiplayer focus from destiny back to halo, but nonetheless i'm also glad if that spartan bros thing is true.

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from Elder Scrolls i wish more rpg developers would appreciate that the game world is more important than any pre-determined story.

and i'd like Elder Scrolls to adopt a hardcore mode that incorporated food, sleep, and permadeath options, like traditional roguelikes, and also a much broader base-build system, a little like minecraft.