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@damodar: yeah a couple of months I can handle, but if it goes on much longer than that i can see myself forgetting about it, at least until it's at a twenty quid price on both systems.

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so when's the deadline exactly?

there's a couple of things available in the sales that I'll prioritize, also dragon age bit me on the hand right at the end and needs to learn it's lesson (by dropping down one whole spot probably - ouch).

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I'm jumping between Valiant Hearts and Tomb Raider on the PS4.

I'm a little bummed that the next Tomb Raider is going to be an xbox exclusive. This is my fourth or fifth time through the 2013 game and it continues to grow on me. Whatever else the game is (i think the characters are awful but who cares), the combination of rich atmosphere and smooth third person controls and animations is a straight up winner, and there's a lot to be said for the flow of events, there are no sections i dislike, crystal dynamics did a great job trimming away the fat, and it sucks I'll have to either hold off on playing the next one, or fork out for a new system, (way more likely the former).

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@cornbredx: your post is far more condescending than the OP's and YOU don't seem to realize it.

broken mechanics aside, no game can be objectively good or bad, it's ALL down to perspective. i don't like Destiny cos it's a guilty pleasure, i like it cos it's a good game IMO, that's all there is to it. story has never been important to me in games, or to a lot of people, because it makes no difference to whether i enjoy it or not, it's a peripheral concern, and as soon as someone criticizes a game for its story i think - okay so the chances are still the same that i could like the game, and this has proven to be a reliable assumption. no story has ever soured me on a game, and no story has ever sold me on a game, and this will continue to be the case, for as much as it matters to you, it does not matter objectively, it is a question of priorities, and taste, and the same can be said for grinding, and even (as clumsy as this analogy is) - god forbid that some palates respond better to oil - *milk*!

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i don't pay much attention to hype for games, i look at some stills maybe and that's about it. I loved Destiny, got a character to level 28, then moved on to another game, like i always thought I would, next time i'm in the mood to shoot stuff I will probably turn on Destiny because it's got that great feel to it, and because i've got my blinged up character sitting there waiting for me.

Back in the day I played through every level of halo 1 and 2 I don't know how many times, the same levels again and again and again, and there were no rewards, there was no loot, and no progression, it was all just for fun, and the repetition was never a problem. And that's exactly how i felt when i was playing Destiny, except this time I got rewarded! But apparently that's not enough for most gamers nowadays.

I don't think complaints against Destiny are invalid, but I do feel that the criticism has gotten out of hand, its almost hysterical at this stage, just like the hype was big before it, the fallout is big, and the fallout seems to me to match the hype more than it matches the game.

I felt the same way about Dragon Age 2, which someone mentioned above, when that happened. Both of these are solid games, and I think anyone coming to them without the hype attached, knowing nothing at all, are far less likely to come down so hard on them, and are going to have a more grounded, and fairer, opinion. That's the bottom line as far as I'm concerned.

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i'm currently ready to face corypheus for the final battle, and i'm playing on nightmare, which has been a lot of fun until now. However, years of playing bioware games on the highest difficulty has taught me that while it's possible to wing it through the main game just relying on pause and squad commands, when it comes to the main bosses, preparation is key.

Okay, so i've got magic defense stacked on the whole party.

Next up, cleansing runes, and here's the first problem. It costs 6 revenant hearts or 6 corpse hearts to make them. And where I am at in my game there are no revenants to be found, i only got three hearts all game, and the only corpses around, the ones in fallow mire, do not drop hearts at all. I had already closed the pits in exalted plains, as i was asked to, and all the remaining rifts, about twenty of them, spawned demons and nothing else. Surely this is an oversight. If runes are destroyed when used, and cannot be unslotted and reslotted (isn't that how they worked in earlier DA games?), then it should be possible to farm for them. right? Anyway, no cleansing runes for me, but I can manage without them.

Next up, healing. Now I like the potion / camp system a lot within the main game, but when it comes to bosses that have many stages, not to mention when they've got a dragon to jump in the ring for them, i think it's a little imbalanced and unfair. But okay, there are healing mist grenades which can cover my ass. Also there are grenade belts which allow me to carry more. EXCEPT ALL OF A SUDDEN ALL MY GRENADE BELTS ARE BUGGED, when i replenish the grenades the herbs are consumed and the numbers are right, but then when I transition to another area, the numbers are back down to the default 3, and the herbs are still spent.

EDIT: this bug also applies to the extra slot i get from my Tempest specialization, which, like the belts, had been working fine until now.

I was tolerant of all the bugs for a long time, even when they affected combat, but being denied a basic strategy like this is not the ending I was hoping for.

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1. RPGs because they usually allow for the greatest amount of creativity, and actually i find the more story they have the less room there is for that. For example, i don't regard the witcher games to be RPGs at all, it's a stretch when i don't get to design my character, but when i don't even get to choose my weapon? that's an action game, and i don't care what story choices you give me, choosing route A or B is not enough to make my input feel integral.

2. Turn-based strategy, because my dumb-ass brain needs time to figure out the angles, and because figuring out the angles is a treat for my dumb-ass brain.

3. I'll forget about squad based shooters because the industry seems to have given up on them and say Horror, because of atmosphere, and because I loved Alien:Isolation and want more.

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a lot of the satanist stuff is just for color, very few of them take it seriously, even though some amp it up for the media for the sake of attention and coverage, it's just something to sing about, metal is a prolific genre because the subject matter is rote, it's a library that anyone can take from - mythology, death, anything dark which lends itself to the atmosphere, what you're singing about doesn't matter, the only thing important is the sound you make, and listening to the lyrics is kind of missing the point.

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you've been swamped with stuff already, but check this out, from my top album of 2013, Harmony of Struggle by Clandestine Blaze. I would nearly play this at a rave.

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aw man, Alien:Isolation stuck at number 25, but just look at the numbers, 8 picks as number one, way more than any other placing.

pretty happy with the top 3, my next three picks but in reverse order.

also i must go back and give Transistor another shot, get into that ng+.