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dark souls 2, and before that The Saboteur, which i played through twice, forgot how much i missed pandemic's third person programming. last new release before that was probably gta5.

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dragon age 2 has become an opinion first and a game second. the chaos of the internet in full fury.

game looks solid, and no-one in their right mind is surprised, despite surefire claims that bioware died or some shit three or however many years ago.

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drangleic castle gate, i put "defeat but Here!" at each of the urns, after i got stuck there for about half an hour on my first character, both got rated into the hundreds.

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have to go back and finish a 4-man impossible run, just two or three battles to go. quite a different experience from an ironman game.

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@zevvion: ah okay, that's a good enough reason, heirs of the sun it is!

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just like dark souls i feel kinda indifferent about all of them - i appreciate the handy arena the Blood brotherhood have, but i'm not into invading, at least as a sinner, i like co-op a lot, but is there any real reason to do it as a sunbro rather than as a regular white phantom?

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i summoned for the odd boss first time through, never for actual levels, because i like to be meticulous and explore everywhere, now though, i'm a summoning machine, because it's a lot of fun working with good partners.

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a sorceror that looks like a greco-roman, wields fire and lightning, didn't the greeks call an agent of the gods an 'oracle'?

and a bandit that dual wields axes, uses a bow, runs around a lot, a 'skirmisher' maybe?

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pvp will always have the toTal_a$$hole nerks mocking and waving their finger at you, and until they fix that co-op will always outshine in my book, i've had a ton of fun with it so far, kinda sad it's being neglected in favor of people who want to solo bosses and then complain because they "had to summon".

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i stopped using my gaming pc about a year ago, too uncomfortable for my back and for my hands, and too much faffing and maintenance.

i've got oblivion modded up to the nines and running as smooth as hell, but i still prefer playing the vanilla on my 360 because that's where i really get sucked in and lose track of time.