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If money issues don't get in the way i'm probably going to pick up a ps4 + Wolfenstein a week before Destiny comes out, and pre-order Destiny + Dragon Age Inquisition while I'm doing it.

i never usually pre-order but last few times i've tried to get a release day game it's been difficult, and i don't fully understand why - retail ordering less copies because of digital sales? distributors making less physical copies? i mean, why now? it was never an issue before.

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@poisonmonkey: wow, that video answered a bunch of questions i had about the game, and it answered them all correctly, and then it surprised me with a few things. this is looking to be more than the game i was hoping for, cannot wait.

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this is out in a few months. i will be upping the difficulty to nightmare straight away, and if previous first runs are anything to go by, i will spend about eighty hours playing the game, and probably about two hundred just sitting on pause control, taking each fight down to the wire, trying my best to get through them all first time around.

- a character i can create, battles i can savor and execute in any level of detail, and a party strategy i can design from the ground up.

why are these cornerstones of the genre so hard to find these days? if all the new weekend witcher fans insist on making the comparison it has none of the above, and thus holds no interest for me as an rpg fan.

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fable legends,

star wars battlefront,

no man's sky,

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blame the relentlessly gushing pr bullshit that these conferences choose as their method of delivery. i find that hard sell really hard to take, it's so obviously fake it makes me recoil. we don't really need you to pile it on so thick, we love games to begin with, but man the states is so entrenched in that culture it just seems like these companies are blind to the negative effects of it.

i'm cynical for others reasons too - the lean towards avatars designed by pop/nerd culture, like that dude in scalebound, whatever that game turns out to be, there's no way in hell i could stomach playing as that little twerp.

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i find it sad that people are claiming the witcher does everything right when it is clearly the rpg that offers, by far, the least amount of creativity for the player since rpg's and videogames made friends.

seriously, what's the point? add that shit to the batman pile.

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dragon age, but aside from fantasy settings i don't think the comparison makes any sense. the witcher only demands an action game level of involvement from the player (and a pretty stiff action game at that), you don't even get to choose your weapon, whereas dragon age is a customizable party-based rpg in the classic mould.

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i wouldn't mind if first person perspective disappeared from games altogether, i just prefer having that extra spacial awareness, and i prefer seeing my avatar.

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the chances that that Quantum Break show will be worth watching are nil

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wow, ten million, isn't that way more than most top-of-their-game athletes could ever hope to get for an event?

i watched the last few rounds last year and thought it was great, particularly Navi's comeback against Orange in the... semi's was it? The final too.

Looking forward to it.