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the more i play the more i can't believe trees and structures don't become transparent when you're fighting behind them. it happens so often.

right now i'm feeling the game's presentation could have done with a little modernizing.

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Darkest Dungeon

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one of the things that irked me about icewind dale was that i always found aggro hard to manage, and i couldn't make sense of why mobs would attack certain party members, and although i'm not far in, i've started having the same trouble here, i'll initiate with my fighter, then watch as the mob runs past him to attack my wizard. am i missing something?

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i tried a normal / ironman run at first, but stupidly stepped on the first trap i came across to see what it would do, and it wiped my whole party.

luckily it was right at the beginning so i rerolled the same character and started a new game on hard / expert, seems maybe the better option for my first run, and it's going well so far, i like character creation a lot, and love that it's available at inns for npc's.

went fighter, with polar and explorer backgrounds, then grabbed adventurer weapon spec with my first point, so i'm using a warbow at the moment, as that was the only weapon in that group available in the first shop, which is fine by me, I'll be dual wielding flails as my alternate set.

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no save import for the ps4?


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they are action rpg's, and basically if you die you go back to the start of the level and have to face all the same enemies again, you also drop your souls, which equate to your XP gained, where you died, and if you die again before you reach them to retrieve them, they are lost.

they are also notable for having very darkly atmospheric settings.

they are very fun in that they are more intense than the average game, if that is something that appeals to you, and can feel more rewarding as a result.

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@quipido: i'm irish but when it comes to this kind of thing our independance means fuck all.

i give this custom a year tops.

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man, back in the C64 days we used to sit beside a screeching tape recorder for fifteen minutes, i kid you not, then play the game for thirty seconds before it would crash, then you'd reload and sit there patiently for another fifteen minutes, not doing anything, just waiting, and listening to the screech.