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this is not that, but what do you call it when a developer sets out to make an epic space opera and it ends up sounding like a military propaganda reel filtered through the dramatic sensibilities of saturday matinee tv.

i believe the current school of thought is - "great game writing"

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lol at all this yapping about the environments.
like it suddenly really mattered for that one moment in time when this game came out.

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you don't need to convince me, i've thought highly of it since the first time i played it.


The main problems are lack of variety in the environments. More specifically, reusing the same exact locations just throwing up walls and such to change the areas you have access to. Lack of resources and rushing of development. I don't blame the developers themselves but it is terrible.

Terrible? Terrible how? it's completely irrelevant, it's a cut corner that games have always used and continue to use. If you see past it, it doesn't effect the game at all.

There is perhaps 1% of the strategy is left. The balance is in favour of making it flashy and severely diminishes the entire point of the gameplay from the first. They may as well have gone all the way and made it in to a God of War style game with direct control.

1%? how did you arrive at such a determinate figure? yes it added the flash, and the ability to action your way through on normal, and the controller response does feel different, but the the core gameplay underneath it all is the very same as origins. if you up the difficulty to the point where you need to use behaviors and pause-control you will find that 100% of the strategy is intact and in full working order, even with, shock and horror, second and third waves of enemies that arrive out of nowhere.

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i could never give enough of a shit about any nonsense involving werewolves or whatever it is this time that has no relevance to the world we live in WHATSOEVER, to actually remember what gibberish npcs are droning on about at any given time.

the developers need to remember this and COMPLETELY OVERSTATE EVERYTHING TWICE so that I can follow their story. which i won't.

hooray for videogames.

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are there difficulty levels?

i love pause combat, and i'll spend ages figuring out a fight as long as the challenge warrants it, i know there are optional limiters, which I'm all for, but is it possible to start off on something like hardcore mode for example?

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they were both tedious

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^ i'd say dark souls would win either way, there's been an influx of new users recently, and ds is more current.

i vote for skyrim

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Dublin, Ireland

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i suck when i'm drunk. i played a bunch of drunk halo at one stage cos it was the only time my flatmate could win and i kept agreeing to play because i wasn't smart enough to say no, because i was drunk.

high, both my reactions and my immersion improve considerably, at the expense of sense of direction and any notion of what's going on. which i consider a good trade off.

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i have 700+ hours in skyrim, probably the same in oblivion

also got a wow char to 85 and another to 60 during bc and cata, that probably stacks quite high as time-wise i'm not an efficient gamer at all, if i'm into a game i will automatically favor precision over speed