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finished Alien:Isolation yesterday

just started Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which i'm playing like I'm still in Alien, walking around really slowly and carefully. Is there a better way to absorb atmosphere? And are the Dans and Jeffs of this world too prevalent to make a new genre viable?

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bound to happen with that much money involved. fifteen minutes of fame for being a huge dick. it was such a dick thing to do i can't imagine any bragging rights or anything, they'll spend their days trying to avoid mention of it.

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whereas jeff has a 'don't stop for nothin' approach to games i'm the opposite, i stop for almost everything.

for me a hundred hours is probably pretty standard if i like something, my one playthrough of mordor this year clocks in at about 115 i think (no platinum or anything but i did farm all the epic runes), my inquisition playthrough is at 250 (although it is on nightmare so i used the pause function a lot early on), skyrim is at about 800, and so on.

i never platinum stuff, this is all just in the moment, i like a slower pace than most people, games like bayonetta don't appeal to me at all, they're just too fast and furious.

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the only thing i didn't play that i think would probably have made the list is The Banner Saga, but I made the decision to wait for the PS4 version, so maybe next year.

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only hot drink i do is coffee, and only one a day, otherwise i get janky programming and a furry mouth.

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remember when games had separate audio controls for ambient effects and action effects?

i suspect this is an industry trend, where there are perks to having everything mixed down beforehand that, in the boardroom, outweigh giving the player that little bit of flexibility.

most mixing these days, in both movies and games, is kind of ridiculous, everything's pushed for impact, so you get comparatively low voices, then huge gunshots and music that plays like you're in a nightclub.

artists don't tend to be involved in post-production, it's mainly just boys with toys, i recently watched a dvd of a movie that was made in 1930 that some bozo in an editing suite had 'cleaned up' using some digital process to remove film grain etc, removing the atmosphere in the process, and making it seem like it was shot on cheap home video. infuriating to say the least.

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after hearing them talk about Mordor today i'd say this is Bayonetta's race, i can see that being an easy common ground.

for what it's worth though, as it may come up again, i don't think Brad is really on point as far as his Lord of the Rings knowledge goes. As someone who read the books seven or eight times as a teenager I think the game is closer in spirit to the source material than he's giving it credit for. It's certainly closer than those Peter Jackson movies IMO.

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these numbers suggest that a lot of you might be disappointed Destiny wasn't deemed more disappointing.

awww :(

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Alien Isolation, nice use of jerry goldsmith's original motifs, in a soundscape that is quite rich for that kind of a moody approach, and it sounds more orchestra based than electronic to me.

i'm always going to pick underlying music designed to illicit emotions other than "YEAH!" for this category.

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@drzing said:

just prepare yourself to have to re-buy things later next year when the "next-gen" version shows up.

is it at all likely that you'll be able to transfer characters across? have they said?