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i only really listen to the first two albums, there's tracks on the others i like, so i'd be up for more, but honestly i hadn't even missed a new album, the heighth of my tool mania happened when undertow was released, and i think the songs on those first two albums are a good degree tighter and more intense than most of the stuff after that.

i do feel the same way about Necrophagist though, it's been ten years since their second album, but hey if it means it'll be great, then take your time fellas. it just better be great.

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dating sim.

prepare to jizz.

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that more people don't think both the dialogue and characterization in the mass effect games completely one hundred percent suck ass.

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  1. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  2. Star Wars Battlefront
  3. Icewind Dale
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if a deer jumps out at me in a game i freak the fuck out.

exactly the same as in real life.

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@thedrbrian: damn, really? well i guess it's no surprise none of us would in fact fare too well in a helicopter emergency, but that seems like some cheap-ass bullshit, push one way too much and it switches function? imagine they tried to get away with that in a souls game, heads would roll. i guess they take things a bit less seriously in the world of flying aircraft.

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@oldirtybearon said:

The best way to explain the difference between wrong inverted and normal style is this:

Inverted players view camera movement as moving the characters head while normal players view it as moving the characters eyes. If you can break yourself of the stupid "I'm moving this head!" and instead recognize that you are controlling a camera that functions as a pair of eyes the easier it'll be to break out of your funk.

don't eyes tilt back to see up the same way a head does?

back for up is how rotating bodies are controlled in the real world, let's see how y'all cope in a helicopter emergency with your "normal" conditioning. smash straight into the ground, that's how, while the rest of us laugh our asses off, obviously.

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i'm not about to start reading forbes articles for the sake of any game, same goes for long ass comments, but i'm going to assume that what he's actually saying is that darks souls 2 is quite possibly the best game ever made, because that could kinda make sense, and that y'all been trolled, because that's what one does with gamers.