Thoughts on the Baseball season.

Well, my Mariners are not off to a fast start.  Milton Bradley doesn't look like he has changed.  As for the other teams, I think the Rays, Braves, Red Sox, and the Giants have improved.  It's great to see old pitchers like Ben Sheets and Jake Peavy back in action as well as batters like Jim Edmonds.  By the looks of it right now, I see the Red Sox and Giants going to the world series with San Fran winning 4-2.  Edgar Renteria is on a roll!


Worst game I played this year

Definitely has to be  Rez HD.  Not the kind of game I was expecting and gives me a headache most of the time.  
Also, not the worse, but still did no enjoy doing is the meta-scoring achievements for Halo 3.  but that's not the point.  I have been really good trying to stay away from crappy games and hope to do the same next year.  


Ultimate Handheld Gaming Device

- Old school D-Pad + 4/6 buttons with analog
- Graphics on par with next gen consoles
-  320 GB HDD
- Capable of downloading every single handheld game so far except touchscreen
- Compatible with PC