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@seikenfreak: Same exact tv as you. I'm also wondering if it it's even worth it trying to sell it for a OLED 4k that LG has out now.

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This. I thought this would be the next big TCG. It was a decent game, but didn't follow the anime, which was why I bought it initially.

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If Dust: An Elysian Tail is still available, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Hi all,

It's about that time to go an purchase a car for myself and I haven't done this before. I have not kept up with latest brands/models and I also do not know a lot about them. A lot of features is nice, but I mainly just want one that has leather seats, large tires, nice headlights, and is fun to drive. Does anyone know if there is a vehicle that would fit this criteria? Also, my budget is $35k.

Just wanted to ask you all to see some different options.

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Lost, Flashfoward, and Gossip Girl for me

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I've only played 2k9, 11, and 12 and I know for sure that the 2k11 and 2k12 worked after the next game in the series had been released.

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Ever since the the site was rebuilt, I've had difficulty looking through reviews that users put up on the site. Before, there was tab you could click on in the reviews page. The "user activity" page doesn't help either because it seems to show only a couple of hours prior. Does anyone have suggestions?

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RIP Ryan. We will miss you!

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Man of Steel : $45 million

Monsters University: $73 million

World War Z: $52 million

Total: $170 million

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Boston fan here, but I hope Bryant can come back for the good of the game. That guy's work ethic is beyond the norm.