The Good, The Bad, The Irradiated

Note, the following is copy pasta'd from a post I made on Kotaku.  Thought it would make a good first Giant Bomb blog post.
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is my favourite movie of all time.

I enjoyed the TV series Deadwood (until it got really boring halfway through season 2).

Unforgiven, The Searchers, 310 to Yuma etc...
I love the western genre.

I have not gotten into Wild West games for whatever reason. I have not played Gun or the Call of Juarez games.

I contend that Fallout 3 is probably the most 'like a Western' game that I've ever played.

In it, I wandered the lawless wastelands (sans horse, unfortunately) and came across cattle ranchers, scavengers, and outlaws (raiders). I did so while donning my stetson (Shady Hat), and my trench coat (Recon Armor). I (obviously) did all of this while rocking a sweet (Wasteland Survivor) beard.

The crowning moment for me was when I stumbled on the slaver camp (Evergreen Mills i think?). Ruthlessly murdering the entire population of that small town (while freeing the slaves) was a very satisfying experience.

Perhaps The Man With No Name would have gotten in with the slavers and took their organization apart from the inside instead of walking in and straight up murdering everyone like I did. It doesn't matter. I did what I wanted to do. And I felt like a total badass.

I hope Red Dead Redemption can deliver that feeling.