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In light of this news, I'm now with Jeff. Fuck Yoshi.

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Sony's reaction is what I would expect to have come from Microsoft if the tables were turned.

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Drew is awesome. His interest in geo-politics, military tech and simulation games brings something fresh to the podcast.

His face says a thousand words when he glances at the camera when something really stupid happens on UPF.

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Holy crap! Congrats Vinny and good luck in NY!

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Cal Ripken Jr gets his

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Hit me up at gt: R0bster 78

Timezone: Pacific

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Great list Alex! All the best for 2014!

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@gaspower said:

Okay, the thing that stands out from that list is the existence of the LANG ZONE.

"Xbox, go to the Lang Zone"

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It sucks the Ouya is such a disaster because the idea of an Android console is interesting to me.

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I'm pretty sure I'm getting an Xbox. I still have not committed. My hope that the cool indie stuff on PS4 like Transistor eventually come to PC or Xbone.