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Drew is awesome. His interest in geo-politics, military tech and simulation games brings something fresh to the podcast.

His face says a thousand words when he glances at the camera when something really stupid happens on UPF.

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Holy crap! Congrats Vinny and good luck in NY!

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Cal Ripken Jr gets his

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Hit me up at gt: R0bster 78

Timezone: Pacific

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Great list Alex! All the best for 2014!

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@gaspower said:

Okay, the thing that stands out from that list is the existence of the LANG ZONE.

"Xbox, go to the Lang Zone"

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It sucks the Ouya is such a disaster because the idea of an Android console is interesting to me.

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I'm pretty sure I'm getting an Xbox. I still have not committed. My hope that the cool indie stuff on PS4 like Transistor eventually come to PC or Xbone.

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Call me an Android apologist but that chart is not really fair. The reason is that it splits a device by its radio transmitter. Samsung made several Galaxy S3's for different markets and networks. The Galaxy S3 that runs on AT&T is separated from the one that runs on Version which is separated from the ones meant for Europe etc even though they are virtually the same device. The latest numbers show 60% of Android phones are running OS 4.0 or higher. These phones should be capable of running 'higher end' mobile games.

Android's real problem is piracy. Sadly it's the reason why free-to-play is so popular. If they can do something about piracy I think we'll see more games come to Android.

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@soapy86 said:

I'm absolutely not defending people who say such things, but seriously, how can people not "get" how trolls operate? Are you new on the internet?

I 'get' it, I'm just sick of it.

If we just shrug their shoulders and say "oh well, that just trolls on the internet" then nothing will ever change.