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Deus Ex would be awesome. Thanks for sharing as well!

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GT: Hi Voltg3 Mic: Yes Preferred mode: Mostly horde but I am known to dabble in TDM and KOTH. Timezone: East

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I personally am loving BF3 but the forum title is misleading and probably would fit better with Brink. Man, I was excited for that game until I started to play it :(

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@Bobby_The_Great: Are you the same guy on 360 that I helped kill Seath the Scaleless a bunch? That was fun lol.

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Hey guys, just wanted to let some know on the 360 side tonight, I will be camping around the Ornstein and Smough bosses and would love to help anyone kill them so I can lower my faith to get into the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. Gamertag is Hi Voltg3 and my SL is 56 right now. Just message me in game when you want to kill them and also who we should be downing first. I'll be on after 7 PM EST until like 2 AM I want to say.
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You guys are the bomb diggity <3

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Thank you guys so much. I have this key so I guess I have to look for this cage now. I assume it takes you back up as well as going down?

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I feel like the answer is no but I need to ask anyway. Once you get to the top of the fortress is there any way to turn off the swinging axes to make going up and down more accessible? I feel like I'm tortuing myself by going up after grinding souls to buy large shards from the merchant up there. I hear that maybe I should just keep on going into Anor Lando and eventually I can learn to teleport? What is that all about exactly? I killed the gargoyle miniboss but feel like I'm at a dead end now because I can't seem to find where else to progress. I guess I haven't looked enough.
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What are the steps to getting her back? I miss her :(
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Hmm, that might be true I suppose. I just know I saw some online play where the helpers were ghost types? And they were helping out a guy kill mobs and a boss. Looked cool.