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Gamertag is HI Voltg3. Down to play Horde and multiplayer when I have the time to.

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My friends and I took her out while she charged, took forever but it worked. Last night we came across the armored Kantus dudes. They are armored like the Berserkers but we found setting them on fire then shooting them up is the best method. I'm not sure if fire affects the Beserker but I am going to try next time fo sho.
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Thanks, my brother still has it so I will give it a whirl when I get home later. I was debating this or RAGE but this looks way better for me personally.
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Have you played Demon's Souls before? I don't have a PS3 but i've seen various bits of what my brother was playing. It seemed really cool and I am interested in this quite a bit. I understand you go from level to level until you kill a boss but was it a long enough game to justify the 60 bucks? I'd rather hear from players than the reviews. Thanks in advance!
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After doing a ton of quests in the city last night, I realized the best transportation is the use of my legs and sprint. Roads suck in the city lol.
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I was sad about this as well but I looked passed it trying to be a dungeon crawler and looked at it more as a Gauntlet game. This I'm okay with.
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I agree. I need to know where the truck is also. Game got pretty tough in the city, especially since all zombies come in a pair of 4 or 5 -_- I'm getting through it but slowly lol.
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It is surprisingly smooooooooooooth. No lag at all, fast travel is super fast and all around awesome to play online.
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Xian, I figured everyone else would pick Sam B. and 3 of my friends did -_-
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Now I can finally grip the thing properly with my giant hands!