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Played about 3 hours last night, loved every second of it :)

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I found her to be the easiest boss since they give you EMP mines in the lockers around the room :P
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This augementation is actually useful if you stealh a lot. But I agree, it should at least charge up the second battery if anything if you upgrade into getting more batteries :(
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I literally check every body so I'm able to get this achievement lol. Hopefully it happens. Someone mentioned the throwing the guy off the roof but if you keep talking to the girl you have another method of getting rid of him ;)
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@Vitor said:

So, say I blew up a wall with a grenade because I didn't have the 'punch through a wall' upgrade. And there was a dude standing on the other side that I didn't know about. What are the chances of him just having been knocked out? Only potential death so far...

I know exactly what you're talking about with this because I wondered the same exact thing. I actually noticed that after this Zzz appears when they are knocked out and a skull appears if they are dead. I saved before to experiment and I shot him in the head lethally on purpose with a pistol and the skull appeared after. Hopefully it doesn't count if what I saw is correct.
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I just put points into my feet to make me jump really high and got it that way. Not to mention that no fence is a match for my 9 foot vertical leap, aww yeah!
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Hi Voltg3 is mine.
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I don't usually drink till I black out, although that happens on birthdays (yay for birthday shots). Usually though every Friday night and the occasional Saturday. I don't know why but I just don't drunk during the week.
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Total noob right here.
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@MDomier said:
A better final boss fight.  I loved the game, but where the hell is the awesome end game loot and what the crap was that boss? 

My thoughts exactly.