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@xyzygy: Except there is a Knights 3, and 4, and 5 and 6. It's called TOR.

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Wasn't the Sly Cooper franchise developed by Sucker Punch? Are they not developing this one? The end of the trailer says it's developed by Sanzuro Games.

Yeah, Sanzoru pitched the idea to Sony that they should make Sly 4 since Sucker Punch is/was busy with Infamous and other concepts. Sony agreed. Sanzuro's CEO says they've been in constant contact with SP about the development so it's authentic. We'll see I guess.
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@Cold_Wolven: Yes, they go back in time apparently. I'm hoping for the first actress. Her voice fit so well and it grew on me, the third actress' voice was way to heavy on the accent.
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@greenygrey said:
One of the problems I had was the lack of epic set-pieces, and Bungie touted that the campaign will hold 40 to 60 A.I. on screen at once. But this is complete farce, as the game only had SLIGHTLY more enemies on screen than prior games, but not a single battle made me feel I was part of a war and there weren't any memorable set-pieces.


There's actually a thread on Bungie.net where the OP goes level for level through Reach and H3 and compares the enemy count. What Bungie said was in fact true.
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  • "If you didn't remain loyal to your ME1 love interest, shit will happen. Whatever that may be, though they do emphasize on having to prove loyalty again to improve the war effort."
Well...Liara pissed is not going to be a good thing.
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More time for polish, but also for EA's other titles to get love.

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No, and I never will.

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Blue is a lot better than that nasty Cerberus orange.

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Loved Garrus as a character, but his worth was severely limited in the second game. When it came to it, Samara, Miranda, and Thane were all I needed (Warp + Reave) except for the one or two missions against large amounts of geth (In which case, I just used Tali and Legion)

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@overbyte said:
One thing that puzzles me though, is the inclusion of ladders.
Would you rather have elevator rides? *shudders*