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Just realized Shu was totally doing the Banderas gif. Awesome!

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Still waiting for Antonio Banderas.

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It's gotta be Red Dead.

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Probably Forza.

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Gta V

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I haven't. But if I did catch somebody I wouldn't report them. I am no snitch.

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Oh man and I was enjoying video games so much... I shall mourn their death.

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@somejerk said:

Thanks, white guilt syndrome!

Hotline Miami 2's rape scene was "and then you get to choose, do you rape her or not, but if you decide to do it the director yells cut and it turns out you were acting in a movie", still pretty fucked up and not fitting in a game like that.

How do you know the people who found this offensive were white?

EDIT: Just looked it up. Oliver Campbell (the man who wrote to the developer) is black. You should be more careful about the assumptions you make.

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What if Luigi had a bow?