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Alright, these are the movies that I want to see but do not know what they are about. Will you tell me?

1.Grown Ups

2.The Blind Side

3.The Toxic Avenger


Posted by Jonda

avoid grown ups

Posted by Hizang

The Toxic Avenger? Now that's a movie!


what is it about

Posted by Dany

Blind Side is really good, I havn't seen titanic in a long time but it's really really great, epic last hour

Other 2....uh??

Posted by Vinny_Says

Grown Ups is about a man who has kids but can't accept them "growing up"
The blind Side is about a school for the blind in the ghetto
The Toxic Avenger is about a group of rebellious nuclear power plant workers in Belize
Titanic is about Morris Titanic the retired NHL player

Posted by laserbolts

Seriously grown ups?

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Don't watch Grown Ups it's a waste of time and brain cells.

Posted by SecondPersonShooter

This topic is really confusing to me on a lot of levels.


I'll share about some of the movies I've seen:

Volcano-About a volcano in California erupting and sending town in chaos, alot of children liked it though. A man on there fell in lava. In slow motion. Firefighter gets burnt and lots of screaming.

Ladder 49-About firefighters in Baltimore. An accident turns into a tragedy when the main protagoinst dies in the end.

The Crazies-A disease that makes people killers is let go in Iowa. It is a remake of the one in 1973

Outbreak-A disease from a monkey gets in the United States and the Army want to bomb California but protaginist stops them.

Posted by SecondPersonShooter

I've figured it out guys.  This guy is a computer program.



Posted by coakroach

Its called screened.com

Posted by OllyOxenFree

It's called the Internet!!!! Welcome to the world of tomorrow!!!!!

Posted by McGhee

I give this thread one puppy.

Posted by Napalm
@blacklabeldomm said:
Titanic is about Morris Titanic the retired NHL player
This is so hilarious. I love you.
Posted by Jonda
@SecondPersonShooter said:
I've figured it out guys.  This guy is a computer program.
I'm almost certain you're right 
Posted by PenguinDust
@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:

I give this thread one puppy.

Screened's Matt Rorie would be proud of your scoring system.
Posted by CookieMonster

google them?

Posted by NTM
@HIEDIAROBALX: Ovoid all except for Titanic. If you're Christian and like inspirational (sports) movies based off reality, then you'll like The Blind Side. I'm Christian (kind of), but I couldn't stand that movie.
Posted by oatz

Grown Ups is about a bunch of washed-up unfunny comedians who aren't funny who make a movie trying to be funny but still aren't funny.

Posted by jelekeloy

I love how all your movie descriptions involve spoilers. This thread makes me happy, but it had better be fake. Grown Ups is bad, I've never heard of the Toxic Avenger, and the other two are good.