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Never met Ryan, never had to. He is, and always will be a legend. I jumped on the GB bandwagon the day it was born and have been a devoted consumer of the podcast, features and videos on a daily basis. When I checked my twitter feed this afternoon it felt as if I had been punched in the stomach by a squatch. I didn't realize the connection I had made with the GB crew and community over the last 5 years... it feels like I we lost a friend. My deepest condolences to the Ryan's wife, family and the team at GiantBomb. Rest in Peace Duder.

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Can we start the countdown til Don Mattrick gets thrown off the roof of Xbox HQ now?

I'm still digging on the PS4 games-wise... HOHOKUM OR BUST SON!

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i'm so confused by the battle system. is it still ATB, just really jazzed up? (I haven't played a FF game since 8).

Same. Anyone want to recommend a good place to start with non-turn-based FF? Last FF game I played was X...

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@Fullmetal216:  best.video.ever.  This needs to be in the GB video archive NAOW.  I don't trust our google overlords to keep this content safe for future generations
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UH fucking MAZING.... laughed my ass off to this