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An amazing experience 0

 Portal 2 expands and improves on its predecessor in almost every way, by moving away from the clinical looking test chambers of the original to more organic looking enviroments, the game is fare more varied and always seems to have a new exciting enviroment awaiting. While the 2004 vintage Source engine lets its age show in some blurry textures here and there, the fantastic visual design and above all the amazing care in the animation elevates the visual experience above what might be expected ...

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effin insane 0

Just Cause 2 has amazing graphics, a varied and interesting setting, crummy voiceacting and a paper thin story. But that's not what Just Cause 2 is about, Just Cause 2 is about doing crazy shit like using your magical grappling hook to attach a tractor to a helicopter and use it as a wrecking ball or flying a jet-liner into an enemy colonel. If you have ever felt constrained by the story and gameplay mechanics of the newer gta games, Just Cause is highly recommended. ...

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Bad but in a good way 0

Dead Rising reminds me in a lot ways about the weird Japanese games of yesteryear, you know the ones where everything game mechanic was a mystery in itself for you to figure out. When I first played it somehow missed the fact that experience carries trough death and was floored by how difficult this game was, the controls were awkward, you need to stop to fire weapons and unarmed combat leaves a lot to be desired. Then there is everything else like escorting survivors that more often than not ge...

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