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Im liking this AGDQ more and more each year.

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The AC series continues to develop like a dying sun. It expands, propagating itself, swallowing planets before going super nova and disappearing forever! Take a break Ub's

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Oh thank god! It was just an April fools gag.

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Difficult to see any good in this acquisition from a gamer perspective. suppose it might accelerate development and get it in the hands of more users. The kickstarter motto "designed by gamers for gamers" seems to be in jeopardy with the Evil Empire now at the helm!

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Sweet work. Love it. Home screened it on phone!

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Love Earthbound. It's my number 1 feel good game even today. Some of its systems remind me of Pokemon but its got a blissful charm of its own. Mother 3 us worth tracking down for GBA if your able to read Japanese ... Or run the translated version on an emu!

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I remember the old days when we used to sit right in front of the 27" TV to get our VR kicks!

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This thread is awesome. Can't beat a bit of drama!

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Game trailers can blow me. They are now trying to belittle Cliff Bleszinski for trying to support Phil Fish over Fez II. Keep digging Game Trailers.


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I think Phil Fish is a smart guy. He doesn't have million$ for advertising so he manipulates the naysayers to publicise his games on the internets for free. No publicity is bad publicity and he knows it!