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Checks date. No it's not April 1st. Crazy!??!

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Man of Steel: $70.0 million

Monsters University: $120.0 milliion

World War Z: $50.0 million

Total: $240 million

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Im fairly bummed out about this news. David Hayter IS Solid Snake. How can Jack Bauer deliver quality dialogue such as "..a Sony walk man? Huh!". Damn it!

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Cant wait to see the price of the bundle with Kinect included. If its more than $399 its too much!

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Thanks for shaping GB into what it is today Dave <wimpər> .

Best of wishes for this next exciting chapter of your life.

I will be rooting for you to come back further down the line.

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This is a super shitty news about 1UP, UGO and Gamespy. I loved 1UP.com and the 1UP show. The team had such a passion for what they were doing it was a real inspiration. It made me realise that I was not alone as a video game fanatic.

Best wishes to all those affected.

Matt Chandronait and Anthony Gallegos, who were part of the 1UP crew, still run the fantastic 'Rebel FM' podcast together with Arthur Gies from Polygon...also a follower of Giantbomb. You should check it out for super impartial gaming and relationship advice!

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WIRED IN!!!!! Bill Murry introducing the future yesterday! Jay Fenton is a geeks freak. I would love to meet "her" and ask what happened to that Gorf sequel "Ms. Gorf". Designers had a lot of energy back than.

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Jack Tretton is awsome. You trust him. Hes got a strength. Id die for Jack Tretton!

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Don Mattricks hair was furrked. looked like he rolled straight out of bed without a coffee.

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Im getting juiced for E3 now. Im super juiced to see Dishonored and a couple nice surprise downloadable tities <intentional typo i decided to leave there>. Looking forward to your unabashed coverage this year. Also looking forward to seeing Rich Gallup on the couch. Sorry to hear about 38 Studios Rich. It would be great to see you back at Gamespot & Giantbomb again permanently. There really will be no excuses not to reboot Time Trotters then. Have a great E3 :D