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Don Mattricks hair was furrked. looked like he rolled straight out of bed without a coffee.

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Im getting juiced for E3 now. Im super juiced to see Dishonored and a couple nice surprise downloadable tities <intentional typo i decided to leave there>. Looking forward to your unabashed coverage this year. Also looking forward to seeing Rich Gallup on the couch. Sorry to hear about 38 Studios Rich. It would be great to see you back at Gamespot & Giantbomb again permanently. There really will be no excuses not to reboot Time Trotters then. Have a great E3 :D

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You heard the the man and you know the drill Gearbox! Ass h@les and elbows...Hudson come here. Come HERE!

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Uh hoh. Time to come home Rich G.

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I never saw that coming. The PAX EAST panel should be interesting this year. The only way I can get behind this descision is if they hijack Rich Gallup back from 38 Studios and start up the weekly "On The Spot" video cast.

Guess Ill be 50$ per year richer from now on.

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Genova Chen arrived from outer space in a meteorite...or so Final Fantasy 7 law dictates.

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Im down so low with this that my thumbs are already bleeding.

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Elizabeth is a spiffing looking gal. Gawf!

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Have your say here....I like the sound of it. I might have to play system shock in preparation.

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Let's go on a blackout GB!