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A web site would have to work real hard and offer me a unique experience to justify $35 or more a year. These guys do it!

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What a load of Sony. There is only one system seller in this sorry bunch. Thats Top Darts. There are not enough Dart Simulators on the market that showcase the true athleticism of this sporting discipline. 180!

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I guess there are no crack whore hotel rooms in Boston for less than 100$ per night? Most of the hotels on Pax site are between 150 to 200$ per night.

Ill keep looking.

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Got 4 tickets. Anyone recommend any cheap hotels in the area? Im thinking cheaper than the 100$ a night mark.

Are Giant Bomb going?

See you there :)

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That gear they are wearing in the image looks modern day. If I had my own way Id prefer another period GTA set in the 70s. We've had the 80s with Vice City, the 90s with San An - We haven't had a full 3D version of the 70s yet though. The music - cars and cloths would be pimp. Not sure on the town I would choose - maybe Chicago 1977 and the start of Warehouse and Garage scene - I would even have a few skateboarding missions. Plenty of organised crime in Chicago at that time too. Who's in? :) :)

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The solution is even simpler. Get rid of user reviews from Metacrtic all together. Who honestly looks at them?

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Its all about trusted sources pal. I dont know em - I dont trust em!

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If I was a US citizen I would definitively be sending my letter to Sony. If they receive enough of these letters maybe it will make them think twice about pulling these stunts in the future and take some responsibility for their 'customers'.

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Hope Psn gets a version. I want to play it with my USB arcade stick.