First post

Like most, I've been tricked into posting on this blog with the promise of being rewarded experience.  I'm not even sure what the experience is for... yet I'm strangely compelled to keep obtaining more.
Anyway, I'll guess I'll start off (and probably end off unless there's more exp in it for me) by ranting about the upcoming Splatterhouse.  Namely, it isn't even out yet and it's already a disappointment.  Really, for all I know, it could end up being a great game... but it will never be a great "Splatterhouse" game.  The developers have gotten it all wrong by rebooting the franchise as a third-person 3D action/platformer.  Allow me to explain:

The original games have always been about the ambiance... about being placed in nightmarish settings, fighting gross abominations, and killing them in disgusting ways.  They were nothing if not for this key element.  I believe that if any modern genre can pull this off better than any other, it's the survival-horror genre, due to the genre's slower and more deliberate pacing and emphasis on mood and atmosphere.  I'd imagine an effective addition to the Splatterhouse franchise to be similar to Dead Space with its' claustrophobic settings and great use of lighting to elevate the mood.  Instead, the screenshots and videos of the new Splatterhouse game show generic, wide-open areas, very much unlike the original games.  Likewise, the enemies are also cookie-cutter, including, sadly, the bosses.  The bosses in the original were absolutely disgusting.  The grotesque imagery stuck with you long after you stopped playing.  The enemies in the screenshots of the new game look like they could have been pulled out of any game.
Anyhoo, I think I earned my exp now.  Cha-ching!