Hinderk's Papercraft Blog: Snorlax

 I have decided to make a papercraft blog in an attempt to get the quests for making blogs. These blogs will mostly be pictures with a little commentary, but I figure it’s better than just making thirty spam blogs. For my first blog I have decided to make one of my favorite Pokémon, Snorlax.This papercraft was designed by PMF and tested by skelekitty over at paperpokés . The people at paperpokés always make awesome papercrafts that are fun to build, and this was no exception. One thing that I loved about this papercraft is that they added numbers on each peace too show the order that it should be built. This helped to make this papercraft fairly simple to build. This took out much of the guess work, making the papercraft much easier to build. The only part that I had trouble with was the claws. The claws themselves were easy to build, but I had a bit of trouble placing them on the hand in a way that looked good. This resulted in one of his hands looking a little messed up(pictured below). Other than that, I am pretty happy with how snorlax came out.
 Below are a couple of pictures of the finished snorlax with a few others I took while building the papercraft.   

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