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The company has two slightly differently named pages:

Digital Tribe is the only one of the two actually linked to games so Digital Tribe Games should be removed.

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Oh! Sorry, yeah - that's Brian Westhouse at the monastary at the start. He's younger because this is a flashback to 32 years before. This happens before he ends up in Arcadia and April meets him in TLJ.

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Want an extra thing to wonder about? Most people miss this (or don't realise it's significance at the time they hear it):

Restart the game and, as Brian at the temple, enter the room with the dais. Before you step on the dais, turn left and focus on the two monks to the left to eavesdrop on their conversation. For anyone without it installed:

"He is perfect, the undreaming will be unchained, and it will..." (They then notice Brian eavesdropping and cut their conversation short)

So, the monks were planning for the undreaming to be unchained all along. WHY?!
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Do you still have the beta client launcher? If so you need to remove it and grab the new launcher before it'll work. How to fix:

  1. Uninstall the beta via Control Panel
  2. Open explorer and go to C:\Users\(Your Profile)\AppData\LocalLow\Sony Online Entertainment and delete npsoeact.dll
  3. If a Planetside 2 folder exists in C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games then delete it
  4. Download the new launcher and install, it should now work
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Here's mine:

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And another: AXPN-FZ2P-KPFC-JJ4H-A6MM

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It's not on rails - you fly Shoko around with the circle pad (plus L for strafing - toggle or hold option). You then drag the stylus around to move a targetting reticule on the top screen. When you raise the stylus from the pad you fire homing shots at your locked targets. Closest example I can think of for the shooting - the Panzer Dragoon games.

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