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xbox one NA request

Bungie: Hi0No

XBL: Hi0No

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Hey can i get an invite from someone? just got the game character name is aldous bhionis

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Ed Boon seemed really out of place like how did they even get him on there?

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Maybe its just me but i have rarely cared what resolution the game was running at if it was close like i'm not gonna be crying about 900p so i wouldn't even be looking for it.

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@consaw said:

If you want a PC code(It might work for Xbox One also) you can go to http://help.ea.com/uk/contact-us/new/?product=origin and talk to a support rep and they will add it to your account if you ask nice. You might have to wait an hour for a available rep though. It just worked for me.

this right here, tried it last night and got a key so now i have a spare tell me if this x1 key works HX49W-KK2D4-D3DD3-2HM4J-KD6RZ

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i managed to snag one from twitter so if mine ever comes in ill post it here.

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@andorski said:

Fuck everyone else in this thread. GIVE ME THE KEY.

who has a key???

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4 mins too late lol

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If i manage to get the an extra ill be sure to post it here. on xbone btw.

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I just got one from Gamestop online bundle tho comes with ryse dead rising and forza 5 and a controller for 739 i dont know how long they will last