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If I have to pay a fee to play a used game I have bought from a store or anyone, then maybe xbox one isn't for me. Who are they to tell me I can't even give my game to a friend and let them play it? So if it going to be true, if I was to lend my mate a game he would have to pay to play it on his system. That would be madness.

Steam doesn't allow me to lend my games or even buy second hand games. I hear nothing but praise for Valve and Steam.

If MS offers the same crazy sales that Valve does on Steam I don't think you'll see many complaints, but I doubt this will happen.

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I really enjoy the co-op or team based tower defense games/mods (see sunken d in SC)

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I cancelled. The game itself seems okay, although the only stories that really drew me in were the trooper and imperial agent classes. This is probably due to Bioware having a little more leeway in how they frame those classes due to them being somewhat new to the universe. My biggest problem with the game is the setting; which obviously isn't going to change (it being a Star Wars game). This is no fault of the game, just my own personal taste. I'm more of a Star Trek guy. I think the game has some solid mechanics to build on but needs to differentiate itself from WoW a little more.

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I'd say it gives you more of an idea of his opinion on motion controls. Granted I haven't checked out what else he has reviewed. Just because some review is out of the ordinary doesn't make him a poor reviewer. Or maybe he's terrible, I don't really ever go to gamespot.

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I can' t see them releasing a new console the same year as a new handheld, but who knows?

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If I'm honest, I didn't even know you could change to a white layout.

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Isn't it funny how a quest/achievement system brings people to do the strangest things? I never wanted to start a blog, but here I am. Whoever thought this would be a good idea deserves a raise or something because this quest system is a ton of fun. This isn't much of a blog post I know, but hopefully I'll be able to maintain it. I need a creative outlet anyway.