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Activison and innovation? Ha, don't make me laugh (oh wait). But seriously, it wasn't Activision that innovated Call of Duty - it was Infinity Ward with Call of Duty 4. The game model of CoD4 was new and fresh, and still is, looking at sales of Black Ops. But Black Ops wasn't anything too special. Treyarch added a few new gun, bells and whistles, but the franchise has ultimately followed the same formula since CoD4. It's not because the franchise continues to innovate, it's because people just want more of that CoD4 formula. 

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@shivermetimbers said:
" People make a living doing this. It's amazing how much power Call of Duty has. "
That's exactly my point, people are pretty much getting paid for talking, the only thing thats different is that it's over a piece of game footage. 
Maybe annoying isn't the right word, I'm not quite sure how to describe it. I just feel it's wrong to be "content creators" who aren't really even creating content. But, I guess it all comes back to the fact that people watch it. Don't know why, but people do. 
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There were a lot of gameplay commentaries in MW2, but I think with the release of Black Ops that number has sky rocketed. I mean, you're getting people on YouTube, posting gameplay with 'commentary' that doesn't even pertain to anything that is related to the game they're playing. I mean given there are some fairly entertaining people who do commentaries, and not all of them are bad. But does this annoy anyone else?  
I made a video kinda related to this, I hope it makes you laugh. 

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I only have one thing to say: Valve Time

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@mattjam3000:  I share your experience OP.
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I am on my 5th Xbox, over the course of... 4 years? and I have reason believe that my HDD is near corruption/not functioning.

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@Sitoxity: You're missing my point, the BR is the absolute best weapon in Halo 3, in terms of versatility and power. Of course no strategy is full proof, and getting into specific situations is a  monotonous. 
In reality there is very little you can do stop a player, who knows what they're doing, with equipment. In all playlists, at high level of play Halo 3 becomes BR fighting, the only weapons that are used are those that are more powerful than the BR, and equipment. Equipment is over powered and there is very little skill required to use it effectively. Equipment, in all honestly is like an enormous cop out.  When you're weak, all you do is throw it down and it essentially gives you an extra life. At high level of play, whenever equipment is thrown out, the end result is the player without the equipment waiting or fleeing.
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@Sitoxity:  You could say it's like using it to your advantage, but I wouldn't call pressing a button and dropping a n all powerful barrier when your shields pop skillful, or fun. It would be fun if equipment weren't so overpowered. The only way to get passed a bubble shield is to wait for the bubble to go out or trade kills with a double KO melee fight, neither of which I find very fun - and a scenario almost identical occurs with the regen. With the way that Halo 3 is set up, if you just lay out all of the weapons in the sand box, the best strategy, by default will always be get a BR, and everyone on your team focus one guy. This is not subjective, this is fact. The strategy it takes to hold a set up, control an objective, pull a flag or acquire power ups in MLG settings far surpasses that of waiting for a bubble shield to drop or having a melee fight in a regen.
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 MLG doesn't dumb down the game, but rather make the game more fast paced and competitive. If you go to their site, you'll find a long description page with reasons why certain weapons and items were taken out of the game. But honestly, a player who is a "master" of all weapons in a game doesn't mean that they're the best. If I time the power drainer in Halo 3 and throw it into a room with 2 grenades and land my self 4 kills, that doesn't make me the best. But that's not the case with Halo 3. The majority of weapons in Halo 3 are pretty much useless when you're faced with someone who has a battle rifle. Dual wield weapons and Assault rifles have such a minuscule range and power when compared to the BR that you almost literally have to camp a corner to get close enough to someone using a BR. It's probably the most frustrating feeling in the world getting killed off your spawn by a BR when all you can do is spray your AR and take off 15% of your assailants shield, if not less.
Halo: Reach will hopefully have more weapons in it. Weapons are more balanced and have more uses than Halo 3. But as for Armor Abilities, drop shield is pretty much out, camouflaging at  will seems over powered to me (it should be a custom power up fought over), don't even get me started about Armor Lock. 
But honestly, MLG just doesn't decide "oh, lets just let our players use these weapons". They do have a game testing department, and, as stated at MLG Raleigh this year, their lead game tester has a 1 or 2 copies of Reach, and has put in countless hours of testing over the passed month.

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I was wondering what your guys' highest Blitz round is what your general strategy is.
 My friend and I have gotten to about round 140 I believe, using 2 tanks. Our turret strategy revolves around putting lasers up, and once they go down building them up to level 3 rocket once it gets to about round 40 - with long shots in the very back corners of the map. We've been experimenting with placing a frost turret in front-mid, but the added slow doesn't seem to improve the over all DPS on mid lane.