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The official mug of Ryan Davis , brought to you by Zojirushi!

Zojirushi! Ask for it by name.
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  Drive break through conversations with an engaging viral 

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I will wait to purchase all the new STARCRAFTS  till they are released in battle-chest-form .
Also, I will INDISCRIMINATELY befriend people in this thread to finish the molecular formula portion of the quest. 

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I already broke this, even the voucher part, in one of the comments sections of a news story  here before the name Kinect was revealed, but I can't seem to find it in my history... hmm. Deleted?
Well now it's double confirmed. 
Now I'm going to strap on my Vibrams and try to fartlek 10k without bonking .

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definitely getting a SOTC vibe from that first screen shot

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$150 bundled with a collection of motion only games and a voucher for an upcoming fall release.
The Tribe has spoken.

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Xtreme sports are the future kids. Bank on it.

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