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I'd like to thank everyone who took part on this first #RyanDavisDay, I retweeted you all. :)


The 2nd Annual Ryan Davis Day will be on what would have been Ryan's 36th birthday: June 4th 2015. I'll post about it next year, once again apologies to all who were offended by it being his death day this year.

In any event regardless of the day I think we all think of Ryan from time to time. Giant bomb is still a great site but it won't ever be the same without him.

A song that reminds me of Ryan


And for my final post, my Twitter Avatar yesterday, my favorite Ryan moment: Cluitching a stuffed Tiger after participating in the Mythic Coke Challenge. "Oh God, that's all inside of me now!" Until next year everyone!

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Well said.

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I will make it his birthday next year, I promise. I apologize to all who were offended. I just didn't think of it until after his birthday and wanted to honor his memory this year.

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A year ago today we lost this wonderful man. Where were you?

I remember the day, it was pouring rain and my bro asked me to drive him to an appointment. As I was doing so my car started acting up and losing electrical power I didn't make it all the way home and had to call my roadside assistance to come give me a jump so I was already having a bad day. A friend of mine had sent me a tweet about Ryan's death while I was waiting in my car but I didn't read it until I got home. I remember how shocked and sad I felt, like someone I had personally known had died. It was just after E3 and one of my favorite Ryan videos of him doing the quick look for Fantastia. It also scared me because Ryan and I were pretty much the same build and our birthdays were so close together.

RIP Ryan, the world is a far worse place because you're no longer in it. :(

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That's an excellent idea. For me it'll definitely be him clutching the bear or whatever it was during the Mythic Coke challenge. :D

And to all those who are saying it should be his birthday I lost my sis to Cancer in 2011, and I honor her on both days. I apologize for not thinking of this sooner and missing Ryan's birthday, but next year we'll make June 4th Ryan Davis Day 2015. :)

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Just going to bump this as we're getting closer to the day.

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When he died I kept hoping he was just faking it like Senor Chang.


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I completely hear what you guys are saying, I can only speak for myself but for me I think after a traumatic event it's good to have something to bring people together.

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I never met the man, but when I heard he'd passed away it was as painful as any death I've experienced. :(

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Yeah, just cuz I'm not that active here I didn't want to come off as some dude who just waltzed in and suggested something on such a sensitive topic.

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