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I appreciated Advanced Warfare from afar, but felt the mobility changes caused trouble for the balance and flow of the multiplayer levels. I'm definitely passing on this.

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Just hit Scorpion. The self-immolation thing doesn't last if you land a hit on him.

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I've always been curious about the lapel mics the Giant Bomb guys use.

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Genuinely fed up with Bloodborne. Would be interested in hearing if it's even worth me pushing forward.

Right now I'm stuck in two spots and have three total options before me:

  1. Martyr Logarius in Castle Cainhurst
  2. The dumb always-be-frenzying brain guys in the Nightmare Frontier
  3. The Lecture Building 2nd Floor just following the One Reborn (which I know is the "main quest" critical path).

I went into Bloodborne hoping to love it. That didn't happen. So then I told myself I'd just get through all the areas required and optional at least once and make peace with a single playthrough. Now, that's looking unlikely. I'm not grasping the parry mechanic reliably, and I have an almost-constant wrestling match with the camera, which means Martyr Logarius is a typhoon of defeat time and time again.

Coming off a little ragey after some umpteen failures to beat him, I moved on to the Nightmare Frontier, where these Starship Trooper-looking motherfuckers Frenzy or grab me before I can make significant headway past them. I think, with some patience, I could probably rush my way through their ranks and try my hand at the boss of the area at least once.

Or, I could just plow through the main storyline and call it. At this point this has probably a 65% chance of being the actual result. I struggle with the mechanics, I struggle with the camera, I don't want to farm for items but I more or less have to for the time being. But that's all beside the point. I'm not having a good time. Is it worth seeing this thing through to the end? Or should I just move on?

P.S. -- I loved Dark Souls and enjoyed Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne has very rarely hit the peaks of those games, in my mind. Mostly in Bloodborne I'm either lost, fighting tedious and annoying enemies, or simply trying to get my bearings because my camera keeps clipping through two headstones and a werewolf.

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I think it doesn't cater to singleplayer experiences as obviously or as thoroughly as Mortal Kombat 9. But it's a better game everywhere else.*

*online features not included

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@mikemcn said:

Did anyone else catch the part where he is riding not away from the velociraptors, but WITH THEM. And it's implied that chris pratt "understands the dinosaurs", he's the fucking dino-whisperer and he's teaming up with the good dinos to fight mega-dino who is a danger to them all.

What the fuck. God I hope i'm wrong.

You're not. It was confirmed early on that Chris Pratt and his raptor-bros are a prehistoric Justice League tasked with bringing down the rogue super-dino.

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At this point I know I'm going to see it so any complaint or misgiving I might have regarding this trailer is moot.

But seriously. Did they just crop out the shark and swap it with a pteranodon in that mosasaur shot?

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@sackmanjones: Kung Jin keeps coming up as the guy who plays the smoothest of the newer characters. Not just here on Giant Bomb, but on the MK Subreddit and on Test Your Might as well. Haven't tried him myself, so I can't put a lot of stock into that recommendation.

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It's like a tradition at this point for Mortal Kombat games to have shitty, input-reading AI.

Beating the AI on hard/very hard more or less comes down to exploiting their wake up tendencies, abusing armor on EX moves, and generally just blocking all the horseshit you can until you have a window to fight. It's typically a bad decision to try to mount proactive offense, and way smarter to just punish, punish, punish.

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I can't wait for the internet to be too cool to like this movie before it ever comes out.


Also, I think it looks dope. If you're hoping to differentiate yourself from Marvel at this point, going nigh-apocalyptic like this sure does the trick.