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@zevvion: I totally placed that one there. Right before the Demon of Song?

EDIT: Totally possible I'm way overestimating the originality (and let's be honest, it isn't original) of my joke. I'm almost positive it's not the same one.

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@lackingsaint: @historyinrust: you both speak truth. Except Vinlands dark orb totally one shot me :)

But yea, the real question should be which was the funnest boss. The gargoyles? I would even say pursuer2 even though i had lots of trouble with him. But those were intense and fun battles. Vendrick sucks. And somebody upstairs mentions the running involved in the ancient dragon fight. Not a dignified battle!

I really soaked in the incredible visual look of the Demon of Song. Such a crazy-looking boss. Velstadt was pretty good.

Just generally, I had a lot of fun dealing with the bosses in the back end of the game. Struggled with some of the mid-game stuff, like Smelter and the Old Iron King, but really got a kick out of some of the post-Great Souls adversaries. Twin Dragonriders was a highlight. Throne Watcher + Defender, another.

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@historyinrust: The thing for me with Dark Souls bosses is that I can't stand a boss designed around easy-to-predict attacks that do ridiculous amounts of damage, since it means that one slip-up five minutes into a fight can ruin everything for you, regardless of how much you've put into Vigor or Defense (which is especially annoying when the deaths come from the game's occasionally spotty hit detection).

Totally agree. Felt like a lot of the game's bosses were this way. The Rotten was the boss that kept snagging me. That stinking grab I couldn't get a feel for until my ninth or tenth run at the thing.

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@seppli said:

Soloing the Belfry Gargoyles with a pure melee low level character. At some point, every Gargoyle was active. That's fighting like 7 Gargoyles at once. I kept my cool and plinked away at them, whenever I saw an opportunity, and eventually, I prevailed. That was satisfying.

That fight is so stressful the first time. I remember my thought process going through it:

"Okay, so, it's two, like in the last game."

*minutes later*

"Actually, it's three. Okay. I can do three. It's just the game upping the ante."

*minutes later*

"Oh, come on. Four? Four? Three I can do. But four?"

*minutes later*

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. This whole fucking rooftop is made of hate and hunger and oh god I just want to die to think about this for a while."

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Hardest Boss (including optional bosses): King Vendrick. By virtue of being the only boss I gave up on completely; it's not even that he's that difficult to predict, but it's just far too demoralising to slowly whittle him down only for him to stomp you down and kill you in one hit while you're staggered.

Can I follow up with you on this? Have you tried to fight him since?

I tried fighting him right away after beating Velstadt, and that was a fool's errand. After finishing the game, though, I read that his defense is significantly hampered if you have Giant Souls in your possession. I had the three Giant Souls from the Giant Memories and a fourth from killing two giants in a secret nook far beneath Black Gulch.

Fought him again, Giant Souls in-hand, and was doing noticeably more damage (though, it wasn't like I was cleaving through him like butter, or anything). I kept strafing around him to his left side--at least, I think it was his left. Whichever was the side opposite the sword--and was able to roll under all of his wide, sweeping attacks.

Got clipped a couple times, but I had enough Vigor to eat one shot and heal safely.

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Video reviews are so strange to me anymore. An exercise in spinning plates. They can't be as plainly informative or thorough as written criticism, and they can't be as directly engaging or entertaining as more long-form video content has come to be.

Instead they are these micro-fractured versions of a review written elsewhere. Bullet points excavated out of a manuscript to be recited over quick snippets of captured video. A Twitch stream or an extended playthrough might get me a better visual sense of how the game plays.

Before the rise of Let's Players and Twitch, I think I relied a bit more on video reviews to provide me that second-hand experience of a game. But now the method just seems antiquated. Could see it still having worth if you just want a quick evaluative snapshot of something.

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2's systems are all mostly improved.

1 has the magic. That's hard to argue with. I'm torn.

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The Giant Memories in the last hour of the game comprise probably the worst experience I've ever had playing a Souls game.

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Depending on how you're counting, and how many of the game's locations you end up exploring in total, you're somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the game complete.

Like folks have said, the Great Souls constitute what is essentially the front half of the game. In terms of hourage, though, it might vary. I felt like the game post-Great Souls flew by, and spent a majority of my playthrough just working through the early areas.