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@flstyle and @jesus_phish I don't mean to sound pompous but it's a new area and I wont know many people so it's kind of something I wont mind as much as paying above face for (I looked up online) for a day pass.

I thought this would be a cool thing to possible experience. I suppose I want to know regardless of price on the ticket, would you recommend going?

So, in my experience, the Giant Bomb panels are usually among the best of the show. You can reliably count on the Giant Bomb panels to go off the rails in extremely enjoyable ways and for no two panels to ever be the same. And PAX as a whole is mostly incredible. Though it has hit a certain critical mass point within the last two years, meaning the event is just packed. Just packed beyond belief. You really have to attend with a focus on being connected to people, as opposed to connected to games, because the unreleased marquee games draw such huge crowds and such huge lines that you'll likely be burning much of your extremely precious time standing around with your hands in your pockets.

It comes down to what your goal is, which I can't totally glean from your posts, @makinbacon. If you're very specifically interested in attending for the one day the Giant Bomb panel is held, it might be worth buying that day's pass at above face value, but only just. Scalpers outside the center tend to kick prices up to double their face value selling price.

If you're hoping to catch PAX for a whole day AND the Giant Bomb panel, that's a little different. And then if you're interested in getting into the entire convention, that will be a far more expensive venture altogether.

I have felt, in the past, if you want any sort of reasonable seat for the panel, you ought to arrive a fairly significant chunk of time ahead of the start of the show. I'm talking, like, 90 to 120 minutes before the scheduled start time. Again, you don't need to rush for a good seat, and the panel is great fun whether or not you are front and center or even mid and center. But it's a consideration to make, especially since that block of time usually occupies time you could be spending on the conference floor.

Ultimately, the choice remains yours. It's probably hard for any of us to say "yes" or "no" definitively without knowing exactly what you're looking for.

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You're close. Not right at the end, but it's within sight.

Depending on the paths you've chosen, you may still have an optional location or two to visit. Cainhurst is one of them. Probably worth going to, if you're interested in seeing everything during your first run of the game.

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I totally understand what you're getting at. While I'm definitely more on the MK side of the fence than I am for something like Street Fighter, I do acknowledge that Mortal Kombat feels unsatisfyingly janky if you attempt to input normal after normal without following a character's preordained combo strings. If a player is coming from a game that offers more freedom to link individual normals together improvisationally, I can imagine Mortal Kombat's system feels a bit on the stifling end.

For me, Mortal Kombat's style is comfortable. Applying the strings in real time definitely benefits from some rote memorization, but I feel like that sort of fundamental sequencing is fairly commonplace in fighting games, regardless of style. And just memorizing the strings is a small dimension of successful play.

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Two games will be on my list.

Mortal Kombat, and everything else.

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@undeadpool: I totally have the same issue going on right now. WTF. Stuck at the WB start-up screen..

Update: after sitting on that screen for literally 37 minutes, it's started up.

Didn't take me THAT long, but definitely WAY longer than is reasonable. Once I'm in everything that doesn't involve logging in works.

Xbox player. Pre-patch version. I also have this problem occasionally.

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Everything following Yahar'gul is super rough as well. Once you figure these segments out they don't seem as bad in retrospect, but on your first time through, all of the late game locations are the most trying in the entire game.

Fucking stupid frenzy brains.

Good luck. If you can soldier through, the final boss battle is pretty fantastic. You're really close to the end.

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Unfortunate you didn't gel with the game. It's hard to agree with you on a lot of points beyond the boss battle complaint (and even then, I think there's a pretty fair case against your argument, too), but this is a nice write up, regardless.

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The rush and trickery associated with the release of PAX tickets should feel like pretty old hat to anyone who has gone through this process before.

You can't pre-announce the ticket sale date because scalping for the event has grown so pervasive. The 4-pass limit doesn't stop anyone who is rerolling IP addresses or using different payment options. The event holders have to release them this way to catch those individuals off-guard. But they communicate this fact repeatedly with the intent of preparing all prospective buyers for the sudden registration opening. The onus is on the buyer to be ready.

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Third year in a row! Can't wait!