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In these sorts of games I always skew toward the more Mage-like archetypes out of the gate. I feel like I know what I'm going to get from Destiny's shooting, so I want to play an unorthodox style. Maybe surprise myself along the way.

Going Warlock first. Then Hunter. Titan last.

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Cracks me up that Highlander III is the only film Christopher Lambert gets credited for.

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Generally speaking, I wouldn't jump at a seller quite yet. The PAX tickets themselves don't get mailed out to buyers until closer to the event, so you're taking it on good faith that a seller will provide you the passes after paying this far out.

Right now, demand is higher than supply. Buyers looking to snag passes aren't fully processing the progression of events. Instead, they're just jumping at the first opportunity to be set up for PAX. Out of sight, out of mind. Prices for passes through sellers on eBay and Craigslist are high, while the certainty of snagging an authentic pass second-hand is still somewhat low.

There's a subreddit, r/PaxPassExchange, where users go to trade or sell passes. I'd keep your eye on that subreddit as we near late-August. People will start talking when the tickets are mailed out. That's when you can start to have a little more confidence in the authenticity of your purchase.

Probably worse advice: In my experience, once PAX begins, supply is higher than demand. There are scalpers on every street corner within a mile-radius of the Washington State Convention Center, selling passes at, or near, face value. PAX Enforcers are always nearby, and so it's easy to pull a scalper with you to verify whether a pass is legitimate. That's a secondary option, if you can't get entry into all four days.

Best of luck!

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You sound like you're not super injured, which is something to be grateful for. I've seen a man take permanent damage from the first blow of a drunken fight. Brawling isn't some machismo, movie-scene fantasy. It can literally mean life or death with the slightest thing going wrong.

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This shit is like the Dark Knight Trilogy

LeBron Begins

  • A precocious young basketball star resuscitates a sport and a league that is dying from within. His rise hails hope and potential for millions of onlookers galvanized by his mystique.

The Dark King

  • LeBron's acheivements are many, but his challenges grow more numerous and demoralizing. To accomplish the ultimate basketball feat--victory in the NBA Finals--LeBron divorces himself from his followers and aligns himself with two other renowned basketball forces. In doing so, he tastes that so sweetly desired complete victory, but at the bitter price of total public vilification.

The Dark King Rises

  • Once a spot of pride for a burgeoning league and now a menace to the culture of an entire sport, LeBron confronts his demons on the ultimate stage. In this climactic final chapter, the Dark King returns to his roots, where he has been both savior and sinner, to redeem himself and his desperate community once and for all.
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Hell yes.

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@fattony12000: That white Slim PS2 still looks gorgeous. Could pass for a modern console.