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So glad I've continued to play this game in Offline Mode, even long after having finished the story. This is a joke.

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I've been deep into the Xbox ecosystem for a long, long time. The Xbox One, as a result, remains my primary avenue for gaming.

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@cbyrne said:

It was pretty good. I wonder how it is to a non-science person though. Having read the book I understand why some things were cut, but there were two major plot points that I feel should of been there.

1) the drill shorting out pathfinder thus loosing communication with NASA again.

2) Figuring out during the drive that there was a Realistic sandstorm happening. (The opening sandstorm is something that can't happen on mars air is to thin for it to have that much force) At that point he has no contact from NASA and he figures it out with science and adjusts. This causes time pressure during the

Some beautiful CG though and very good portrayal of office politics. I <3 the JPL stuff so much. They also nailed the act of dropping stuff to the surface at reduced gravity, so goodddd!

The most upsetting thing was the lack of character building, you get very little of it in the movie. The rest of the crew just feels like people that had to be there instead of characters. I feel bad for the people I went with because I kind of went on and on and on about little and big things either right or wrong.

I enjoyed it though!

But yeah, lets talk about this!

Wait. What?

Those two elements are seriously not in the movie?

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@mikemcn said:

Matt Damon is great, but the " I'm going to have to science the shit out of this." line in the trailers really freaked me out. Thats a bad line.

Yeah. That was a red flag before I'd read the book. The protagonist lays on the internet humor pretty thick.

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As far as I know the smell radius is around d-dog, not snake. Its possible he was caught up on terrain or something, so you were able to get close to the guard without d-dog detecting him.

As for the teleportation thing, I don't think its a bug. It only happens in OKB Zero when they call for re-inforcements, thats because that area is too isolated for guards to come from another base like they normally do. And afaik it only happens in that one location shown in the gif.

Yup. I think it only really happens there. But it certainly does happen.

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Oh my god the Ryan Traveler.

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@bisonhero said:

Can someone remind me when Jeff talked about his real MGS5, and also a time stamp?

It was a spoilercast discussion. Can't provide a timestamp on it.

The gist of the idea (spoilers):

Metal Gear Solid V isn't truly the fifth core game in the series, which has traditionally used alphanumeric notation on sequels and not Roman numerals. The fact that "V" is used in this game's title doesn't actually refer to five, as it might be reasonably assumed, but rather "Venom," the name of the body double who assumes the identity of Big Boss.

Jeff's idea, basically, was that MGS V and MGS 5 are potentially two different games, two completely separate releases. A second release for Metal Gear Solid 5--with no Roman numeral--would come eventually and be regarded as the actual sequel, and V would simply be an elaborate side story. This was reinforced by the repeated statement from Kojima Productions that the next Metal Gear Solid game would do "something never before seen in video games." Where Metal Gear Solid 2's character bait-and-switch was a novel narrative trick at the time, the MGSV/MGS5 bait-and-switch would be an unprecedented move on a massive scale.

It wasn't clear how seriously any of the guys were taking this idea, including Jeff himself. And, even if they were being serious in presenting this theory, there's no telling how the rupture between Kojima and Konami would have impacted a ploy such as this.

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@bane said:

My first thought was a game revolving around The Boss. As the Mother of Special Forces, and the person whose vision of the world was the driving force behind the actions of the big players in the series it would seem like a natural choice. I'd like to see how she earned the reverence of all of these people.

Also, this would be rad.

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Slight spoilers for MGSV below, because I'm not sure my response is actually addressing this question.

When unconfirmed rumors of a Snake body-double had initially cropped up, my first guess about the identity of said double was actually Solidus. I don't think that makes sense in the Metal Gear timeline (because Solidus is created post-Liquid and Solid, I think?), but it got me wondering about that character in general. Solidus gets such short shift in the in-game Metal Gear Solid narrative that I think it'd be neat to see A) more of him, full stop, and B) more of him being a Son of Big Boss, some degree of awesome badass comparable to either Solid or Liquid.

That didn't happen, of course. And I suppose that was probably intentional, given the franchise's running theme that Meme is greater than Gene (the perfect clone is the least influential). But, still. That's a game I'd like to see. Metal Gear Solidus.

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Ryan and Dan are the two who've probably impacted my actual vernacular the most. Jeff has probably had the largest influence on my disposition.

"That's a cool thing to do" is a really common phrase. Or any form of "doing [descriptor] stuff." Doing cool guy stuff. Spy stuff.

Introduced a friend to a new beer the other day and was asked, "What's in this?"

To which I responded, "I don't know. Beer stuff."