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Hell yes.

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@fattony12000: That white Slim PS2 still looks gorgeous. Could pass for a modern console.

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I can only hope to live a life that touches as many people as those two did. If I do a fraction of what they did, I’ll be happy.

You have. And you will continue to.

We love you guys.

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I feel like we've kind of derailed the thread from its original query in some ways, but all of the suggestions herein are pretty sharp.

Since you mentioned Ocarina of Time, I'm going to suggest the obvious Vita game: Tearaway.

It doesn't have much in the way of "exploration," if you're looking to traipse across a dynamic, mechanically unpredictable gamespace, Skyrim-style. But the "world" created within Tearaway is just about the most joyful and fully-realized on the Vita. It's truly a singular experience, and one of the few that could get you to think--even if only for a moment--that it couldn't exist with such purity on any other platform. You'll get lost in that world, the same way you might get lost in a sunset or the night sky. It's at once both beautiful and spirited. A world so smilingly effervescent and richly crafted.

So, maybe try that, if you haven't already?

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How many modes, types of modes, number?

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I think it's worth having a hook beyond, "hey it looks better." Take the Halo series remaster, for instance. Offering the entirety of core franchise's multiplayer carte blanche like they're doing is a pretty significant selling point for me, someone who has owned or currently does own all of the games in the docket.

Simply brushing over a game with a new coat of paint just isn't enticing enough to me. But then again, I'm probably not the market being hard-sold on the idea here.

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@historyinrust: It was decidedly meh sir, how dare you suggest it was anything worse than that. Floe will attest to the magnificence of MLG's production quality.

Hah. I'd read something amazing like security had been called on him by one of the more high-profile Injustice players.

The drama is so real it hurts.

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@flstyle said:

@historyinrust said:

Also worth noting the MLG Championships this weekend include Injustice and Killer Instinct.

Good call, I just watched Justin Wong win KI, the MLG production and set-up was as meh as it usually is for fighting games but happy for Justin.

The MLG setup for Injustice was a complete farce.

One five-to-six minute match, cut to thirty-plus minutes of Pizza Hut advertisements, then one more match, then more advertisements.

Injustice had 73 entrants. On Saturday, over a six hour period, only ten matches were shown on-stream.

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