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The rush and trickery associated with the release of PAX tickets should feel like pretty old hat to anyone who has gone through this process before.

You can't pre-announce the ticket sale date because scalping for the event has grown so pervasive. The 4-pass limit doesn't stop anyone who is rerolling IP addresses or using different payment options. The event holders have to release them this way to catch those individuals off-guard. But they communicate this fact repeatedly with the intent of preparing all prospective buyers for the sudden registration opening. The onus is on the buyer to be ready.

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Third year in a row! Can't wait!

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@historyinrust: How did your experience with using that subreddit work? You met them at the convention centre or did they mail them to you? Honestly, scalpers just seems like the simplest option.

You can do it either way. It comes down to the seller. We met our seller inside the convention itself and had a PAX Enforcer verify the badge. Enforcers are always nearby and are happy to help with this sort of thing. With mail-order badges you're taking the same leap of faith as you would with a scalper. Perhaps more so. Which is why you have to make an informed decision before contacting a seller.

There isn't a 100% verified way to snag a pass from a third party. But r/paxpassexchange has the narrowest region of doubt.

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@fake_empire: I'd also advise checking reddit.com/r/paxpassexchange, especially as the summer wears onward. Life gets in the way sometimes, and people have travel plans that fall through. We missed out on Saturday passes last year and went this route, eventually picking up passes at nearly face value.

The scalper route works, for sure. But they are always going to sell badges at a higher premium and you have an additional concern of legitimacy. It isn't uncommon for scalpers to try and shill fake badges to unsuspecting buyers.

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And they're gone!

That seems like a record. Barely an hour.

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He's fantastic. I wasn't actually expecting him to be this good! Not only are his variations and moves awesome, but the presentation itself is amazing. They've really embraced the 80s slasher aesthetic. The music, the fatalities, the taunts, etc all scream and portray the tone and atmosphere of a horror movie, and I love it.

Netherrealm definitely incorporated Jason more smoothly into Mortal Kombat X than they did with Freddy in 9. He just makes more sense here, but there's more around the edges--like the incredulity of every character toward him in the pre-fight intros--that add a lot to his inclusion.

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I think the early consensus is that he's really great in a variety of ways. No one knows his ceiling yet, but one day out of the gate and players are already showing off scary uses for a lot of his more unique setups.

Personally, I'm attracted to his hard-hitting high/low mixups. The guy feels like an Injustice character, almost, in a game where not a lot of characters have access to multiple low and overhead strings. He has a great juggle game and can top 35%+ in the midscreen without much trouble at all. Can't wait to see Jason strategies evolve.

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Shirai Ryu Takeda vs. any fast rushdown character.

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@historyinrust: DKC1 has some rough spots but DKC2 is a bitch, especially Bramble Blast. One of my favorite games but fuck that level, if it wasn't for the fantastic music I probably would have snapped my controller.

For real. The music in this series deserves serious praise.

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Donkey Kong Country is way harder than I remember.