Happy Bungie Day!

'Sup Bungie?


Happy 7/7 people, or for those of you who don't know 'Bungie Day'. Here's a snippet from Halopedia to explain what Bungie Day is to those of you not in the know "Bungie Day, which occurs on July 7th, is a mock holiday created by Bungie Studios to celebrate their long standing infatuation with the number seven. The date, when shortened, is 7/7. Bungie Day was originally meant to happen on dates where the month, day, and year are all composed of ones and sevens, but has since opted to celebrate it every July 7th." - Halopedia. 
 Fancy Having Recon?  Well what does this mean for us, you say? Well as of now there is a 24 hour playlist in Halo 3 Matchmaking called 'Bungie vs. The World' during this playlist there will be a number of different Bungie groups playing in teams of 4. You'll recognise them as Bungie employees because they'll be the ones whos heads are on fire. If you beat them you get Recon armour. Simple. There will also be a number of other ways to unlock the armour variant much in the same way that there was in the Valentines Day DoubleXPWeekend e.g. most Double Kills, Splatters, Killing Sprees etc. 
 So, uh... the maps?  The playlist itself is consisted entirely of Forge made community maps and there are around 30 in total on the playlist. Also, if you don't have the Mythic Map Pack, you can show yourself out, as this playlist requires it. You gone? ...Good.
 What are you waiting for?!  So obviously by now you've speeded of to your 360, dusted off (shame on you, why wasn't it already in your tray?) your copy of Halo 3 and are firing up a few rounds of Bungie vs. The World. And I wish you the best of luck in finding and beating a Bungie!
Final Note: I don't normally do blogs, so to be honest, didn't know how to 'lay it out' sort of thing. I just did this to inform those of you that might be interested and I hope I've done just that. See ya on Halo!