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Started with GV because I was like thirteen and that was the common bacci, then I moved onto delicious Amber Leaf which I still smoke now.

I'd smoke anything though, not really fussed like that. Well, other than straights - straights are fucking disgusting.

@sarcasticmudcrab: You understand.

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The government pays me to be depressed and do OCD routines all the live long day.

I worked in an aerospace factory before though and for amazing pay (£10+ p/h 50/72 hours a week) - that shit was amazing; having that amount of cash at 19 was the best feeling. I worked with some great guys there too, which always helps. Then I worked in a bacon packing factory... that was just the worst thing.

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I'll probably grab a nice 1.5TB HDD and then put the 500GB one you get with the PS4 into my PC.

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People care about no CDs? I haven't used a CD in like nearly a decade. I'm getting a GAME console to play video games.

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Give me some delicious whiskey, rum, brandy or even vodka... beer's fucking gross.

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It's the most important thing.

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Fuck yes! So, so keen for this.

Ben was the worst person.

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@breadfan: Meh. He was a great musician, but it's fine to laugh this stuff off rather than getting morbid y'know.