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Put that shit on auto retry. Someone's pc will probably crash or some shit.

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Anyone think it's lols that Justin.tv is showing advertisements for salt? As in the Salt you put on food. Not the movie.... 

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Agent! Where is my I love mondays?

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@leighalexander said:

 The internet makes me sick.    


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@FluxWaveZ said:
" Got this from NeoGAF
On Ryan's desktop pic, posted on Twitter, showing the podcast getting compressed, there's something else that can be seen on an Adium conversation between Dave and Ryan:  

 "I looked at a couple and UGH"
"dude, no joke... like 100 tweets"
"how is that even possible"
"not about her, FROM her"
"I think she's a sociopath"
"Like for reals"    

Most likely referring to this.  It's funny stuff. "
Oh wow....
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@TheFreeMan said:
" @willsmith said:
" Let the haters hate, I'm going to play this. "
This for me, too. "
And you will be thoroughly disappointed. I guarantee it.
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You know I actually liked Leigh in the podcast this time. She obviously has a "party" attitude when she's on the podcast thought. "Party" meaning loud and super friendly. I could see her being some fun at one of those e3 parties. 
Edit 1: Btw... chick almost had a nip slip live on the internet like wtf. Maybe she was a bit too drunk... 
Edit 2: 935

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If a ps3 and a 360 had a baby.... and it was ugly as shit.....