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@Rhaknar: I put it in the cart, there is no discount at all, just the $35 discount canadian, but not an extra 10%. I guess they took that sale out right now because I already have street figther 4 installed and it doesn't seem to reconise it. Oh well, i'm not going to buy it because it's too expensive. I'll just keep playing street fighter 4 and be content with it. The money can go towards another game then.
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You can wait until they made a revision to the 3Ds and buy it. It might have better battery life and is smaller.

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@Rhaknar: At this point, if I own street fighter 4 on steam, can I get the extra 10% off, or I can't anymore according to the thread? I am not going to buy it because it's too expensive without the sale, it's like $35.99 canadian.
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I read in the steam forum that they aren't going to give that extra 10% sale or something like that if you already owned street fighter 4 on steam. Not sure what does that mean, but I always skipped over borderlands, but now the price is right. 
I am thinking about getting assassin's creed brotherhood. I was thinking about getting the witcher 2 for the graphics, but I can never finish the first game, or get very far due to it's boring wrpg type gameplay. It's such a grind, so i'll probally skip it until the price gets lowered.

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Once, dub step.

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Yeah, but how does it compare to tractor simulator? Or forklift simulator?

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Forums, other forums i've been to are super shitty with shitty posters. I like talking to normal sane ppl for a change.

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@armaan8014: no I mean his legs looks double jointed and not connected correctly. I myself always draw two lines for the bones and a circle for the knee, then create the thigh and calf in a cylinder shape, then work from there. Basically i'm talking about structure.
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Did you just put that layer over the photograph the started to color over it? If not, it's quite good.