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Has anyone else downloaded this game? It's Halo with a block-based map editor. Was playing team Snipers on Lockout last night haha.

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I'd say I play female characters most in fighting games. Because they are in fighting games, I put way more work into developing my skills, execution, playstyle, etc with those characters than in other genres. The result is that they feel more like my daughters than anything else, and the sexual undertones go away. I just put so much work into being able to say "I have a Trish" or "I have a Cammy" that they feel like I created them, if that makes any sense.

My most-played Oblivion character was female, and the same thing happened.

I realized this when talking about how much Cammy and Trish are designed around sex appeal, yet it doesn't phase me. Then it hit me that my gut reaction to those kinds of comments feet like "why would I think something like that about my daughter?"

So maybe there's something to say about the relationship between a player and character having some parallels to the relationship between a parent and child?

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Singling out MOBA's as the one genre to labeled as "deeper" than all of the other genres is absurd.

There are plenty of other genres with as much "depth" or "competitive merit" or whatever you want to call it. It's my personal opinion that MOBA's are boring because they lack the flavors of depth that I adore in other genres, but I'm not making threads stating that MOBA's shouldn't be called eSports.

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Before today I was just thirsty for information on Halo 1's netcode and a confirmation of System Link in MCC, now I'm also thirsty for more H2A information.

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I feel that:

Halo 1 has the best story mode and the best 2v2 multiplayer experience by far, nothing evenly comes remotely close to Halo 1 2v2.

Halo 2 has the best 4v4 multiplayer experience. Great single player, but still not the best.

IMO the rest of the Halo campaigns tie for a solid third (they're all kinda the same to me), but Halo's multiplayer has gotten worse and worse over time on the 360. I enjoyed Big Team Battle in everything except for Reach. Halo Wars deserves a shoutout from me because Halo Wars' multiplayer is an amazing experience, in fact it's the only Halo game on the 360 that I play regularly. I still hop on Halo PC, and I should play Halo 2 XBC from time to time but I don't =/

So yes, I voted for Halo 1 because I feel that it had the best campaign and Halo 1 2v2 surpasses all other Halo multiplayer experiences in both fun and depth, although Halo 2 isn't very far behind.

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It's pretty clear to me that the OP doesn't like/appreciate footsies or the neutral game in SFIV or maybe in general.

SFIV has some slow animations compared to older 2D games but I don't think it harms gameplay.

I personally stopped playing SFIV in favor of UMvC3 because years later I still haven't been able to learn how to do links. In Marvel I feel like I am in control of my character. I guess it's worth noting that since the execution barrier was too much for me.

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Yeah, Smogon/Showdown is really fun!

The item restrictions are are little weird, but that's minor.

Thanks for setting this up =)

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I will probably skip on the PS4, but we'll see what happens. Except for my PS1, my Playstations have always collected dust while my other consoles / handhelds / PC's have taken the spotlights. I don't have parents buying me things anymore so I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on another system that I have such a bad feeling about. It's already difficult saving up for an Xbox One or WiiU, and I have a great PC built up anyway.

If anything, I can borrow my friend's PS4 to play any must-have singleplayer exclusives and let him keep the game when I'm done.

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@heyguys said:

I agree. The character designs, the use of vibrant colors, and the interesting new mechanics for traversal are all exciting especially in the somewhat stagnant space of the third person shooter. Bayonetta 2 and some of Nintendo's first party offerings already have me thinking I'll pick up a WiiU at some point but this definitely helps. However, if there are required tilt controls for anything important my excitement immediately goes way down.

The rep said explicitly that you have the option to use the pro controller or the game pad without tilt controls. Normally, you use the right stick to aim and tilt to "fine tune" your aiming. Turning off tilt controls gives full control to the right stick.

He also said that playing without the tilt controls will put you at a disadvantage, though.

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I found this game to be an interesting new IP from Nintendo at E3, so I figured I'd make a topic for it.

Splatoon is a third person shooter where players play as squid people who shoot ink (with super-soakers!) that damages enemies and paints the environment. In the 4v4 E3 demo, the object of the game is simply to paint more of the environment with your team's color than your opponents. Whoever owns the most territory when the timer runs out wins the match.

When standing on your own ink, you can transform into a squid and swim through the paint, allowing the player to move very quickly and traverse the environment in new ways. I saw players swimming up walls, though fences, etc. You can also tap a teammate on the touch-screen minimap to super-jump to a teammate. Swimming into the opponent's ink slows you down.

Map design seems pretty cool, based on urban / skatepark / waterpark environments to go with the whole graffiti feel of painting the environment and water feel of being a squid.

There's some sort of special meter that fills up, eventually allowing players to use a power weapon such as paint grenades, paint-rollers, snipers, splash guns, etc. It doesn't seem that weapons spawn on the map. Players refill their super-soaker tanks by swimming in their ink and map movement is promoted by the need to paint over enemy territory.

The controls seem to be standard, with the added option of controlling fine-tuned movement with the WiiU touch-pad's gyroscope. In the interview below, a developer said that it's a very precise control scheme and playing without gyroscope controls means "you probably won't win."

Unfortunately, it looks like there will be no voice chat online, although there are plans to add "other ways to communicate" alongside the touch-pad's intuitive map. I'm assuming there will be pre-set commands like "Help me!" and "Let's attack!" at best. That's a shame since this looks like a really fun teamwork-based shooter.

It's also worth mentioning that they want to make sure the game can be enjoyed by players who do not have an internet connection, and that different game-modes and customization options are being considered for hardcore players.

While I have no concrete plans to buy a WiiU, Nintendo's showing at E3 is making me seriously consider it, and Splatoon is definitely on my radar now. The whole territory by paint idea is really interesting and looks like a lot of fresh fun. Gameplay / developer interview below: