I went to the doctors.

So a few weeks ago I let the internet know that I believe myself to be depressed, I say believed because I've not had it confirmed by a doctor. So I was going to go a few weeks ago, but when I went to make it I chickened out, I just told myself things will sort themselves out. But then a few days later I would feel down again and say to myself I am going to make one, but yet again the next day I would convince myself not to go. Well I haven't felt really down for a few days, but i told myself its my half day at work today so I'm going to go to the doctors.

I hate the waiting room at the doctors, all the chairs and slanted slightly so your always falling forward on them. No phones allowed either so its just me sitting there thinking whats he going to tell me. When I got in he asked me a few simple questions, he didn't give much feedback just asked questions. At the end he gave me a questionnaire to fill in, then to come back in a few weeks. It was nice talking to a professional about this, but I wish he would have gave more feedback.

I've been going downhill though, not too much but I've been told by others I don't seem as cheerful as I was yesterday or just not seemed myself. My parents have noticed too, I recommended to my dad one day that we go to Paris on holiday. So my dad books it and me and him are going to stay in a hotel in Paris for 2 days, I hate to feel like this but Im not excited. It's not that I just don't want to go, I just am not excited about it.

Just a small update to those that wanted me to keep them informed. Oh and the Wii U launches in the UK tomorrow, I think I may get one. But fuck Tesco have zero advertisements up or anything, strange.


Too many games, not enough time.

The end of the year is drawing closer and closer, although the beginning of the year was spent primarily on backlog, now I need to get some 2012 games finished so I can work on my Game of the Year. Right now I'm playing through a bunch of games at the same time, so here is what I've been playing.

Call of Duty Black Ops II

So I really should stop playing this, I finished the single player this morning (Really good) and have spent a decent amount of time with the multiplayer to know that its going to be on my list. But fuck that multiplayer is still so good, I mean really really good. It's one of those games that I will just want to play when I wake up and before I go to sleep, it's one of those games I tell friends I can't go out I'm busy. It's also one of those games that is very easy to play, when faced with the decision of starting up one of my new games that I need to play before the year is done, or just play some Call of Duty it's going to be Call of Duty every time. It's a shame that these games don't come out in the summer when nothing else comes out, then i could play without the feeling of guilt.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

I picked this up when I picked up Call of Duty. I haven't really spent too much time with this yet, about 3 hours at the very most. I need to sit down and play some more of this, it seems very similar to Burnout Paradise, which is one of the coolest racing game on the PS3. The music is also considerably better, loving the techno/poppy feel. The multiplayer is fantastic and works better than Burnouts did, it looks really good too and the single player seems good enough.


I bought this yesterday so am late to the party, but dudes this game is pretty good. I'm not noticing the difficulty yet, but I personally think I'm quite good at the game. I love how tense each battle situation makes you feel, I love it when I take a gamble on a shot that could easily backfire next turn but then it works. I haven't played too much of it because that darn Call of Duty, but I really really want to.


Again just bought this yesterday and only booted it up a few hours ago, I played up to the point where I get my first powers. What I'm noticing is being stealthy is not that much fun and slicing guys up is, but I was told that the more people I kill the more chance I have of getting a bad ending. Which of course I don't want, but if the game is more fun killing dudes then what should I do? I really can't stand the overall plot, of you being framed, I just hate those storeys where somebody is killed but the killer leaves you in the room and then OH SHIT everybody thinks its you. But I'm enjoying the game, especially the powers there really cool.

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale

I'm enjoying this, much to my surprise. You see I love Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros Melee is one of the best games on the Gamecube. Once I heard about this I went fuck yes, but then when I heard about the weird only getting points by using you super I went oh no. But as I mentioned to my surprise it works rather well, it requires less strategy and more button mashy than Smash Bros but that doesn't make it not fun. I'm finding the best success with Raiden, but I have yet to try hardly any characters.

So there you go, I want to play all of these games right now but I don't have the time. Not to mention a shit load of more games are out and very soon coming out is the Wii U. I want to get one at launch and a copy of New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU, nothing else interests me but I'm really interested in getting a new system. Comes out this Friday here in the UK, so watch out for that folks.


Gym Diary - Life and the Gym.

Dear Duders, it has been a while since I have done one of these, so if your looking to catch up with the old entries you can find them here.

So I joined the Gym on August 6th, it has been a very long time since then and I feel like I've always been going to the gym. The gym is no longer the strange place I go to, or a place I have to tell myself to go to. The gym has just become part of my life now, I have made many friends at the gym and as of next week will be joined by a friend at work. This is my current gym schedule.

  • Monday - Rest.
  • Tuesday - CardioKick/Boxercise + Body Blitz = 90 Mins.
  • Wednesday - Spinning - 45 Mins.
  • Thursday - Gym - An hour, although next week my friend is taking me Hula Hooping...
  • Friday - Rest.
  • Saturday - Boxercise - 45 Mins.
  • Sunday - Rest.

So as you can see I have a nicely evened week, I have been going quite regularly and still enjoy my time there. As I mentioned I have new friends there that were even talking about meeting outside of the gym, so hey progress. Not much else to say, just look forward to three new Gym diaries next week as Cardio Kick, Body Blitz and Hula Hooping will all be my first time. On Tuesday before I usually just go to the gym.

Seya Real Soon!


Can I stop being depressed now? No? Ok then...

I was debating whether to post this, but after I gave it some thought I really need to share this with people. So I've been "Depressed" for pretty much most of this year, I put it in quotes because I haven't actually gone to the doctors and have it confirmed. But I'm pretty sure that is what I have, I can't really tell you why I have it, but I believe I do have it. When I told a few people, they were shocked and upset that I didn't tell them. They were mostly shocked because I didn't seem the type to be depressed, I do agree that I can hide it rather well. I'm always smiling, laughing and generally very helpful. But all of that is often just to hide it from myself, I did come to terms with it months ago, when I hit a very low point. This low point was me considering to take my own life with painkillers, I was just going to reach up and grab them and take all of the tablets. While I was considering it I had a panic attack, this all led to me having to tell my parents and then a few other family members.

I went on a small retreat to my grandparents house, I left everything behind and just spent a few days off from work spending time with my grandparents. After that whole ordeal things seemed to pick up, when people asked I told them everything was fine and I was 100% better. That was never the case, you see i thought if I told others I was fine, maybe I would actually believe it myself. I have my ups and downs but over the past few weeks those bad feelings are returning. In March I was diagnosed with a STD, I assumed that when that had all cleared up I would stop feeling depressed. That of course was not why I was depressed, it was a scapegoat. So what exactly do I feel?

  • Lonely - For most my childhood I was rather happy spending most days in my room by myself, but ever since this year I've craved social interaction. I always wanted to go out and be with somebody, but then as soon as I would get home after a night out I would start to cry, because I had such a good time I didn't want to go back to being by myself. I'm unable to cope with something as silly as that.
  • No motivation/lack of direction - I've not known really what I've wanted to do in my life, as soon as I finished college studying childcare I was offered a job in a nursery. That was three years ago and I'm still in the same position, if you were to ask me what I wanted to do, I would not be able to answer. I feel like I'm trapped here, I have a decent ish wage, all my friends are here. I have no ambition or motivation to try anything else, I'm scared that if I leave I would not keep in touch with any of my friends resulting with me having zero friends.
  • Money - This may sound like a "first world problem" but please do not judge me, I think I have to much money. Crazy right? But yes I don't have to think about the money side of things ever, I have about £800 $1200 spending money each month, I never look at the price tag for anything. I have loads of money in my savings too, so I could go out and buy things people usually save for like whenever. When my TV broke a few months back I went and bought one without a hesitation.
  • Sad - In the end, I just feel sad quite a lot of the time. I can't explain why I feel sad, but I just do. I have cried a whole lot without an explanation why, but when people ask whats wrong I just say nothing.

This is also one of the reasons why I post topics rather frequently on the site, if I want social Interaction and nobody is about. I would look around the room and come up with a topic, I didn't care what it was about, just that it got me some responses. Hoping that somebody would @ me just so I could have simple conversation with somebody. People often think I make blogs just because I want to be the limelight and I want to ruin the forums by flooding them with topics. I just wanted somebody to talk to, after I post a topic too, I will sit there for hours just refreshing the page, over and over again.

So the bad thoughts seem to be coming back, thats why I wrote this blog. Just this morning I considered doing something stupid, not so I would kill myself, but so I could get attention. Just to have people be around me, instead of being by myself. I'm not sure what I hope to achieve with this blog, I just needed to vent, thank you for reading.


My week off work, oh god how I wish I had another.

I finished work on Thursday the 18th of October, that was my last work day. I had the Friday off and then I had the whole of next week and will not return to work until the 29th of October. That is a whole lot of time off work, I get about 20 days of holiday a year, so far I've just taken off a few days here and there. But I had quite a lot going on so I decided I needed a week, so here is what I've done.

Friday was my do stuff day, I got my hair cut, booked a long overdue dentist appointment and got a few last minute donations for my Extra Life charity event which would take place the next day. The event itself started off strong, I was supposed to start at 6am, but I woke up at 4am so said fuck it and just started at 4am. I played through the Pirate DLC from Borderlands 2, was a great piece of DLC, even though i decided to do that before finishing the main game. In the main game right now I've just rescued Roland so I'm early. I then was about to play some N64, but during me starting up Doom 64 it broke on me, I wrote a lengthy two part blog that starts here and ends here.

Most of the day had been revolved around me playing on the system, so it breaking was a terrible outcome. I ended up borrowing my sisters 360 and playing through the 360 version of Banjo-Kazooie. Banjo-Kazooie is my favourite game of all time, the 360 version is the best version of the game, apart from I really like the N64 controller and don't much care for the 360 controller. I managed to beat it in 5 hours 10 minutes, my fastest play through which made my day. After that I flicked between multiple games but never finding one that I wanted to play, I made it 18 hours in before I gave in. I had a huge headache, felt nauseous and no game could hold my interest. I would like to thank Sang Lee for being my one and only donation, I am sorry that I didn't beat it but PM me on the site and I will send you a fantastic video game pick up line!

So the following day I spent a good time not playing games, I played a bit of Pokemon White 2 and Theme Hospital but other than that a good chilled day. Because on Monday I would be heading up to Swindon and spending time with my best friend who moved away, I had to go to through London by myself and the underground to get there, But I made it and it turned out fine, I got very drunk and also did a nice bit of shopping. I came home Tuesday night and pretty much went straight to sleep,

Wednesday involved me sitting around for a majority of the day and watching Lost, I'm currently on season 3 3/4's of the way through. Thursday was me getting ready, because that evening my dad, mum and sister went away to Disneyland Florida and do not come back till next Friday. I'm not going on the account that my last trip I ended up fainting on the flight back and ended up in hospital. I was also in a wheelchair for a while going there and coming back, so I still need a little more time before I fly. Well on Friday I had a party that evening with friends from work. I bought food and drink for 14 people but only 4 people turned up, so well you can picture the leftover pizza the next morning fuck yes!

Saturday revolved around me sitting around on my sofa watching the Tested crew and there Octoberkast. I did watch a great deal of it, but fell asleep towards the end so I'll have to catch the rest later on. Then comes today, the end of my week off, I'm going to start a LEGO build, play some Borderlands 2, drink some tea and go and have dinner with my nan. Then before you know it...

Back to work.


A few words about a friend who passed away, my N64. (Part 2)

If you don't know whats going on, check part 1.

There I was, sat in front of my tick sheet that had every single N64 game on it. I had hoped to collect them all, in the end I settled for just the PAL region. So all in all there was about 250 games, i was very excited. Over the next few months I would proceed to pick up a few games every week on Amazon, soon found out Amazon was not the best source for this so i ended up setting up an eBay account. It was easy at first, I as able to check out all of the good games that i wanted as a child but missed

Life was good for a while there, all of these games were like £5 or less, apart from Conkers Bad Fur day which I ended up getting for £35. Which was cheap for that game, it usually ran for £50. Paper Mario was the one I got a steal on, i got it in the box 100% complete for £50, that easily could have gone for double.

Being late to the party I suppose I didn't really get Ocarina of Time, I ended up thinking it was an ok game, not great but ok. I hated Diddy Kong racing, they added so many things that I just didn't like. Goldeneye was good, i still haven't finished it but it is a good game.

But then eventually I ran out of games that I wanted and forced myself to just buy any N64 game I could see. This ended in me getting a lot of bad games, some of them surprisingly fun but most of them just are some hot junk. By around November when I started picking up games for no reason I stopped. The games starting getting expensive and I just stopped caring. But I didn't put my N64 away, my N64 stayed out. Every so often I would go back and replay some of the games I played as a child, despite all of my new N64 games all I wanted to play was Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie etc. Since then I beat Banjo-Kazooie at least once a year that remains true to this very day.

Extra Life, I took part in Extra life this past Saturday, for those unaware its when you play video games for 24 hours. I had planned to spend the majority of it on my N64, I hoped to 100% both Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64. So I woke up, played some Pokemon in bed, then jumped on to my N64. I first played a bit of Pokemon Snap, then some Doom 64. While playing Doom 64 the N64 turned itself off. I assumed there was a power cut or something, but nope everything else was still on. Then I thought it was the game but nope because the red light had turned off. I tried multiple games and multiple sockets.

My N64 had died.

I didn't really know how to feel, the N64 is the oldest piece of gaming technology that I own, I have a SNES but I bought that a few years ago. My N64 has had a great deal of play on it over the decade and a bit that I've had it. I never had any problems before, all of my old games are the original copies too so that copy of Banjo-Kazooie is the same one I bought with the original console. This put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day and ended up not finishing Extra Life. I ordered a new N64 a few days ago, it arrived last night. I will still be able to play all those N64 games, just not on my original N64.

So as I say goodbye to an old friend, I think about how excited I got when I first got it. And how a console never excited me the same way again, when I have children one day. This will be the console I show my children first, what better console to show them than my favourite console.


A few words about a friend who passed away, my N64. (Part 1)

It was 1998, I was 6 years old. My parents took me and my sister to GAME for a surprise, when we got there they took us to the games section. We closed our eyes, he told us to open them, in his hand was a Nintendo 64. We bought it and went home and set it up, the game that came bundled in was Banjo-Kazooie. Oddly enough Banjo-Kazooie is my favourite game of all time, so I couldn't have asked for a better bundle. The weeks followed and every so often our parents would be us a new game, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 64 were the games that we played the most. I remember being at school and hearing about my friends and how they had so many more games than me, but I didn't really care. Those four games could hold our attention for years.

So the years went on, my dad picked up a Playstation at one point with a copy of Metal Gear Solid. My dad was still into games back then, not like really into them but sort of. He wanted to see if he still cared about games, after playing MGS1 he didn't like the direction in games were going. He preferred simple and quick games, those cutscenes were enough to make him really not like video games, so he gave the Playstation to me and we now had both a Playstation and a Nintendo 64. Owning both consoles meant we would never really have a large pile of games for either console, but it meant we would have a nice small pile for both.

The Playstation 2 launched in the year 2000, we didn't get one until 2001 and it came with a copy of Burnout. Suddenly all the prices of the old games dropped, being the spoilt kid that I was I always had a grump when my parents got me old games for gifts/birthdays etc so eventually they stopped and just got PS2 games. So at around the time I got a PS2 I was never bought a N64 game ever again, so my collection was the following.

Those were the only games I had for the system, looking at that and then looking at my PS3 collection of about 150 games, it makes you wonder how kids can last on that few games. So there would have lied the N64, when we got the PS2 I was given the N64 and the PS2 was kept in the living room. Despite not being interested in games it made for a cheap DVD player, but not soon after they won a DVD in a competition, so the N64 was put away into storage and I set the PS2 up in my room. My sister has always been about the new, even to this day she will never play anything thats pre current gen, so she wanted nothing to do with the N64 or the Playstation. So the N64 would gather dust, all through Primary school and through most of secondary school it went untouched. I ended up staying with my PS2 while my sister got a Gamecube, I lost my interest with anything Nintendo as I grew more attached to Sony.

It's the last day for exams at secondary school, I ended up finishing that exam rather quickly, not because I wanted to get out and go celebrate with my friends. The last day of my exams was the same day that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was released, looking back on that now there could not have been a better way to celebrate exams. MGS4 was my most anticipated game of all time, I was so invested in the world and the characters. I pre-ordered it so it was there when I got home, I ended up playing through it and finishing it the day after my exams. That whole saga was finished, Metal Gear Solid was a childhood friend, that series has been with me for a great deal of my childhood and was a fitting way to end it.

I had been obsessing about MGS4 for years, I needed something else to obsess about now. I had a whole summer before I started collage and I worked part time with my mum so I had quite a lot of money. I was just chilling about one afternoon on Youtube, when I happened to come across a trailer for Conkers Bad Fur Day, I think I was in a forum topic about cool trailers on gamespot somewhere. Anyway, I ended up looking a bit more into it, this led me to look at other N64 games including Paper Mario. That led me to looking at the N64 in general, I then noticed it really doesn't have that many games for it. I then decided to set out on a crazy and insane quest, I set up a tick sheet and everything. So in the summer of 2008, I decided..

I wanted to collect every single N64 game ever made.

Part 2


Ok so here is what I have planned for my 24 hour game marathon.

I joined Extra Life a month or two ago, I did it because playing video games is great and so is helping children, so I decided to join up. I have never played video games for 24 hours before, I've not even stayed up for 24 hours before, so it will be an interesting experience. It's going to be one of those things I can mark off my life goals book, "Stay Up for 24 hours" and "Stay up for 24 hours playing video games". So I joined up without an idea of what to play now, I have an idea and I want to share this with you.

  • Banjo-Kazooie - I think I'm going to end the day with this, I will leave myself enough time to finish Banjo-Kazooie. And when I mean finish I mean 100% complete, I can usually get it done in less than 5 hours, but thats with me taking breaks and doing it over the course of a few days. I'll leave myself 6 hours so I'll start at 12, but still I will be tired as hell and my brain will have melted by then.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Busts Loose - I may end up finishing this too, it's a short enough game that will kill an hour or two.
  • Skyrim - I've wanted a chance to sit down and play some more Skyrim recently, this will be a good chance for me to do that.
  • Borderlands 2 - I just so happen to be playing this game right now, so I'll be playing some of this. I will want to play some of it online with friends so if you want to my PSN is Hizang.
  • Pokemon White Version 2 - I'm playing this currently, this will be a good game to play as I wake up, laying in bed playing Pokemon.
  • Super Mario 64 - I'm hemming and hawing about how much I'm going to play of this game, I know I want to finish it, but I don't know whether I should 100% it or just get enough stars to get to Bowser. 100% is now problem, but its a time factor I'm worried about.

Thats all I have right now, I'm sure I will play more on the day but right now this will do. What I do need is donations, so far I have about £50 from family and friends, but so far I have zero online donations. I'm not asking for much, but a £1/$1 from each of my followers would be $220, thats a whole lot of money for the kids. I will not be streaming my marathon but I will be posting at least 2 tweets and hour, so hey follow me on Twitter.

My Donation Page + The Giant Bomb Donation Page.

If you donate money of any amount to me, i will be grateful. in fact if you send me more than $2 I will send you video game chat up one liners in a Giant Bomb PM. So yes, INCENTIVE! Oh and instead of 8-8 I am doing 6-6, it just seems like that would be easier seeing as I get up at 6 anyway.


Got myself a 3DS XL, oh and two hours later a charging cable!

Pokemon White/Black Version 2 came out yesterday, I'm a huge Pokemon freak and instantly woke up and picked up a copy of Pokemon White. I had work so I had to wait until after work ti play it, that day did drag but eventually the day ended and hey time to play some Pokemon. So I popped it in and spent the next three hours playing, I posted a small topic on my impressions here if you want to hear more about that. Short version though, it is a great game, so far I'm enjoying it more than Pokemon White/Black. I ended up playing it while the rest of my family watched the Avengers, I had intended to play it while watching it myself, but I ended up not even realising the film had finished.

So this morning I woke up with a huge thought in my head, I really wanted a 3DS XL, I mean REALLY wanted one. I have been on the fence about getting a 3DS XL ever since it came out, I got a 3DS at launch, it's been a tough time. The handheld itself was not all that great, it was light and flimsy, when you shook it it made a rattling noise and it's screen was quite small. A few weekends ago i went up to a huge shopping centre, I walked into a HMV and saw a 3DS XL on display, it was the first time I had seen one in person. It was also directly beside a 3DS, so you could just see how fucking big the screen is on the XL. That was the day that I decided I would get one eventually, but this morning I was like I'm going to go and fucking buy one right now.

So I picked up my 3DS, took out my copy of Pokemon White and went to Tesco to trade it in. I was hoping to get about £50 for it, Tesco gave me £69 which was great, in cash too. The woman who was serving me was not doing her job all that well, instead of checking to see whether it still worked she just asked me does it work. She didn't even open it to see the screens, she just asked me whether it had any scratches on it. Any who, I traded that in then went back to there game selection and choose the Red 3DS XL. Many people are complained about the stupid colours, but seeing as I associate Nintendo's official colour to be red I rolled with it.

I got home, and realised shit, there is no charger included. This was such a face palm. moment, not only does it say it on the box, I've been reading about people complaining about this for months. The Bombcast have talked about it as have the Tested podcast, so I felt pretty stupid. When I got home I also realised I had left the SD card in the old 3DS, so all of my purchases are now gone, including the fact that I was an 3DS Ambassador swell, huge bummer. So I went back to Tesco, walked up to the 3DS section and picked up what I thought to be a 3DS charger. Noted I didn't pay much attention to the box, but it was on the hanger that said 3DS Charger. So I got home, opened it, only to realise its an unofficial charger for a Kindle.

I was at this point quite pissed, sure I didn't check the box but its on the bloody rack that clearly says 3DS Charger. Some stupid shelf stacker either thought nobody will notice or he was just not interested in reading. So I went back yet again and got refunded for that, I then went all the way to a different town, went straight to GAME and picked up a 3DS charger. Thank God they didn't go Bust or I would have been screwed! I shouldn't just blame Tesco for all of this though, screw Nintendo for not including a 3DS charger in with the box.

Admits al of this I set up a Street Pass thing on my XL, I never bothered to use it in the year+ that I had my 3DS. I met no people when I went to Tesco, but when I traveled across towns I came back and found I had one Mii. This Mii had a Donkey Kong face mask, turns out it was called GAME, it told me WiiU30thNovember and that he likes cats, then walked away...I then got some puzzle pieces and got beat by a ghost in a dungeon, its a cool feature that I should probably keep using.

So how is the XL itself? If you were like me and worried about the resolution being an issue, don't be, I haven't really noticed a thing and I have played Street Pass, Pullblox and Pokemon. The handheld fits so much nicer in your hand, mine used to hurt after playing on the 3DS for about an hour but so far nothing. It's heavier duh, but I generally play it in the house so thats not an issue, the screen just makes it look so much better.

So hey, add me bitches.

1075 - 2145 - 7916


So...I caved and bought Borderlands 2.

About 24 hours ago I beat Borderlands, the original Borderlands mind you. You can read all about what i thought about it in the blog I wrote yesterday which you can find here. Anyway, for the rest of Saturday i was deciding what game I should start next. My PS3 backlog alone is like 70+ games, thats not even counting my many other completed games, I still need to crack open that copy of Cool Spot. So I looked around, I thought about going back into Assassins Creed 2, but I played for a few minutes then turned it off. I then looked though my Wii catalog and pumped in Beat the Beat, I got stuck on that stupid Lobster one and pumped it back out. I had a go with New Super Mario Bros Wii but coming fresh off of New Super Mario Bros 2 I got a little bored and stopped. I once again tried to get into Resident Evil 6, but I just can't, although I heard somebody say you can change the shooting to make it lie it was in Res4 and Res5 so I may give that another go sometime.

So the day went on and I couldn't find a game to play, I ended up building a small LEGO kit, watching the rest of Fridays Sim Golf video and then trying to get The Sims: Complete Collection to run on my iMac, but it didn't. So I said fuck it, I'll give games a go tomorrow, so I went straight to bed and decided to think about it later. I woke up about 6:30 with a clear idea of what i wanted to play, I'm not sure why the feeling was so strong but I just knew, I needed to play Borderlands 2. I told myself the day before I would not play it yet, coming hot off Borderlands I didn't want to burn myself out. But I caved in to the need, I had to wait until 10 for the shop to open, one of the longest waits ever, But i went there, bought a copy (That came in a slip case and had this premium club thing) and went back home and put it straight in. That was about 10:45, it's now 1:15, I wanted to keep playing, but I knew I shouldn't rush into this.

So I happen to be in a very unique position, most people probably haven't touched Borderlands in a good few years. I however was only playing it yesterday, this gives me a good sense of whats new and whats better and just how better it is. I can happily say that it is better in almost every single way, I'm not joking when I say pretty much everything has been tweaked to make it a better game. One of my favourite inclusions is that of a Mini map, the amount of time in Borderlands when I would just wish they put in a sodding mini map was plenty. Just being able to see where enemies are, routes to take and objectives on the map make it a better experience.

The speed took some getting used to, I don't know if many remember but Borderlands is not as fast as this game. Borderlands wasn't a slow moving game by any means but this one just seems so much faster. I hated it at first and wished it would slow down, but not long and I liked the speed. The shooting feels pretty much the same, as does the structure of the missions I have done so far. Thats not a bad thing, with the increase in speed shooting is that much more better. One thing I felt the first game lacked was a soul, not to knock it down but Borderlands felt like they made a game, but didn't really care much for the characters and the feel of the characters. 90% of the dialogue was in text and the rest was all repeated. So far I have loved the new direction they took, Claptrap is amazing and the gentleman I met is also equally awesome. I like the upping of spoken dialogue, Borderlands now has feeling.

There was a mission even that gave you multiple choices, early on you collect Bullymong fur, you can either give it to the gentleman to research from, or give it to Claptrap and he makes a sweet Mohawk. I totally gave it to Claptrap and now he does indeed have a sweet mohawk. I hope they continue to do this sort of stuff, always interests me. This game looks fantastic, I don't know thats because I've just spent 30+ hours in Borderlands where all there is, is sand, but man it looks great. The water and the snow effects look amazing. Saying that I do hope this game isn't all snow, I hope for a little variety.

Oh yes, I chose the Siren again. I don't care what class is better and all of that. I chose the Siren because she seemed the coolest, I loved the ability of Lillth in the first game. I think I prefer Maya's ability more though. It works very well when dealing with touch enemies, or if I need to run away I will levitate one into the air and then hoof it! The skill tree looks cool, I hope to class up so I can turn enemies against one another, thats always great.

So yes I love the game so far, I've only played under 3 hours of it, but Its blowing me away so far. Being so disappointed with Resident Evil 6 made me think this year would be a sad year for games, but then hey, Borderlands 2 folks!