People been playing Borderlands 2, I've been playing Borderlands!

Borderlands 2 was a week or two away from being released, I was all ready to jump straight in and play some of that action. I had played about an hour of Borderlands before but just never wanted to go back and play more. I felt bad because I heard that game was amazing, but hey I was about to play the sequel that was better in every way. But i thought to myself, If I went straight into Borderlands 2, I would most likely never come back and play Borderlands, so I did the ridiculous thing and went out and did some game hunting.

Finding Borderlands was easy, but I thought if I'm going to get it I may as well get the Game of the Year edition. You know, for all that DLC I will probably never touch! So I went round and round multiple shops until I tracked one down, I paid about £20 for it which really was a good deal considering it comes with all DLC. I take it home, input the code, it's already been used. So I say fuck it and go and download all of the DLC anyway, setting me back an extra bunch of money. But hey I now had everything I wanted to play the game, so in I went.

I decided to go with the Siren, when I played it before I went with the Hunter, despite his cool bird I didn't find myself using Snipers too much. I soon found myself enjoying the Sirens ability, I found it very useful for both running away when things got to much and when I wanted to get up close to a dude. It was also handy for when you have long stretches of land to cover on foot. I played through most of the game with Pistols, SMG's and Shotguns, with my overall favourite being the Shotgun. I rarely use Shotguns in First Person Shooters, I hate how sucky there range is and generally how inaccurate they are. But for some reason they work really well in Borderlands, I ended up settling on a golden shotgun that had a decent damage but had a great chance of causing explosions. There is so much fucking loot in this game, god damn there is just so much. I ended up towards the end just not picking anything up unless its money or ammo and purple weapons. I had found a bunch of those claptraps so my inventory was nice and big, but it filled up very quickly.

The alien weapons are something weird though, there never explained really in the story and suddenly alien enemy types appear and I'm like where the fuck did you guys spring from!? Those armoured lance guys were pretty annoying. Luckily I had this sweet SMG that was slow firing but caused fire damage and could take guys out fast. All other enemies were generally quite easy, minus that flying moth thing that I wanted to run up and stab. The car action in this game is just weird, I don't particularly like the way you control it, fighting in them is not my style either so when it was a car combat sequence I would get out and just shoot the car. The last boss was quite difficult, until I realised I could stand in a spot where he could not hit me! I managed to beat the game at level 36, I'm guessing about 30+ Hours and thats with doing all of the side quests in the game.

I'm very happy I played this game, I would have hated to have never played it. I feel like I'm ready to jump into Borderlands 2, but I know I will get 4 hours in and not want to play anymore. So looks like I'll be playing it around the time Borderlands 3 comes out. Borderlands is easily one of the best games I have played this year, fuck new releases!


I bought some bubble bath today, here are my thoughts.

So I was out shopping today, as I often am, I have very little money right now because of a lot of expensive purchases this month. But shopping is still a fun way to pass the time, especially when you have little money as it means you can hunt for bargains. I've been in the market for some bubble bath for some time now, my mum is all into QVC. I'm guessing most of you know what QVC is, my mum will watch it for hours at a time, sometimes she won't buy anything, she just watches it for entertainment purposes. Anyway she watches mostly the beauty segments, so she often buys a bunch of expensive things off of them.

She has bought bath products from them, £30+ for some bubble bath, it doesn't even come in a big bottle just comes in this shitty hand sanitiser size bottle. In the past few years I have taken to having baths again, one every Sunday evening and if I'm feeling like it one Saturday. Well today about 5PM I was in the mood for a bath, I had a Workout earlier today and needed to unwind a little. I was about to start the bath when I thought fuck it, I need to go out and get a lottery ticket anyway why not go and get myself some of my own bubble bath.

I went to my local supermarket (Tesco) and went towards the bath isle, right at the front I saw a whole line of Radox bath products. I'm not sure why but everything from them was on sale, so I looked through there wide selection and ended up choosing a "Sleep Easy" bubble bath. The rest all sounded very similar, despite there being like 20 of them they all sounded the same. It was £1, came in a big ass bottle and was supposed to be quite good. On the way to the counter I went and got some Polo's, I was all out and I like to carry a pack around with me at all times. I was going to just get them, but there was a deal where if you got 3 you would pay less. So I spent a good few minutes deciding what to get, in the end I just went with the Polo's, as I am writing this I wish I would have gone with my heart and taken the Twix, as I am now rather hungry. I took them to the counter and swiped them, bagged them and off I went back home to try my new bubble bath.

So I started the bath and poured a little bit in, I then realised it was a pound and there was so much of it. So I poured way to much in, almost a quarter of the bottle. I was very happy with the results, bubbles all up in that bathtub like it was it's bitch. I then proceed to have my bath. It was supposed to have a Lavender smell, that is supposed to relax you before you sleep. It couldn't really smell anything, which I thought was odd because I put so much in, but I shrugged it off and had my 20 minute soak.

I enjoyed my time with this product, sure its not as great as the other ones my mum uses but it's cheaper, there is more of it and turns the water blue, which was kind of awesome.

Next week - Condoms VS Ribbed Condoms.


No more butt spots, life goals and hella video games.

If your a long time follower of me, you will know that I have an STD called HPV. I was diagnosed with the disease earlier this year, which was sadly the day after my birthday. Since then I have had 4 operations and two weeks worth of Aldra Cream, Aldra Cream is a very expensive cream and can be highly dangerous if used incorrectly. There is good news today however, I went back for my checkup earlier this afternoon, the doctor had a look and checked out the surrounding skin and told me they were all gone and the skin looks fully healed. They can still come back, HPV is an incurable disease, but it is unlikely they will return but if they do in the future I am now equipped with the proper knowledge of how to quickly deal with them.

I can't explain how this feels, knowing that I'm "Back to normal" as it were. Even though they were just butt spots, it doesn't matter, just to know that they are gone fills me right up. The doctor told me that I as the disease is not a life threatening one and more of a nuisance, that I should not feel obligated to tell anybody I choose to sleep with that I have it. But I should always use protection, which is a good thing that came out of this whole thing. I will now always use it, no matter how well I know the person, I'm not just looking out for myself anymore, I'm looking out for others.

With all of this coming to a close, last week I sat down and had a good long think about how my life is doing and what I need to do to advance it. Since then I got myself a bike and started riding on the road, I'm doing this to get used to being on the road, as soon I hope to start driving. I'm never really been interested in driving, but as I get older I want more and want to travel a bit out of my localness. I have also started putting in double the amount of money into my savings account, so now each month I will put £300 into my savings account + what is left at the end of the previous month. I'm still keeping up going to the gym, there have been a few sessions where I think I would so much rather be at home right now, but it does me good and I've started to make some nice friends there. I'e started going to swimming again, especially with my bike its now much quicker to get there.

Video games seem to have taken a back seat, I have found myself not playing too much of them, I had my day off this past Monday and spent zero time playing video games. It felt good to go and do other stuff, but some part of me felt bad. I hope to get this back on track soon and finish up Sleeping Dogs, which by the way is a great game, really enjoying my time with it. I also finished up New Super Mario Bros 2, which is not so great, kind of meh. If you don't know I'm also taking part in Extra Life, so far I've made £30 unofficially, but nobody has donated anything yet. I'm bot going to beg guys for donations, but if you donate anything to me I will send you a personal thank you message. If you want to donate you can find me here.

So thats all, I'll be tuning into The Big Live Live Show Live tomorrow, I hope the rest of you join me in celebrating Giant Bomb.


Gym Diary - Skipping a Gym class.

Dear Duders.

Since I started the gym about 3-4 weeks ago, I've been very consistent in my going to the Gym. My parents and friends assumed that I would stick with it for a few days and then never go back, so I was happy to prove them wrong by attending the Gym every Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday. Last night however, it was a friends leaving due so I had to skip the gym to go out, as guessed, I got extremely drunk and had a really great time. Unfortunately my body is making me pay this morning, I woke up with headache and somewhat dizzy, so I then decided I was in no shape to go to my morning gym class and just ended up playing a bunch of Rock Band Blitz and Sleeping Dogs. (Both of which are really good games)

This could be the beginning of a real downhill spiral if I am not too careful, I mean I enjoy the gym a great deal. Every time I go to the gym I get to have fun in a class of Boxercise, feel the burn in spinning or listen to a podcast while I'm in the gym. Amidst all of that I get to socialise with my other gym people and get out of the house, not to mention the good it is doing for my body. But as I was drinking at the club and playing Sleeping Dogs on my new 32 TV (I used to have a 23 but it broke on Thursday) I felt a sense of comfort. I will make sure I go tomorrow and make today my lazy day and tomorrow my do stuff day. I just hope I keep this up, I haven't been swimming in a while either due to its length away from my house, but I have a bike now so I'll start going back there.

Keep nagging me duders, I want to keep this up, how do you find the balance?


Gym Diary - Gym Induction 2 and Showering at the Gym.

Dear Duders.

I booked myself in for my second Gym induction, I had been to the regular gym about 4 times so I was ready to try some of the different equipment. So this time round there was a lot more equipment to try, the first induction was for the basic things, this time there were a lot more things that required training. Starting off they were simple, a different bike machine, a new stepping machine and a rowing machine. But after that they showed me how to use I think about 9 different weight machines that work different parts of your body. it was very fun trying them all out, but embarrassing once I realised how low the weights were. You see as they go round they set you up on each piece of Gym equipment, adding all the information onto my key, so my key will tell me what weights to be using. I haven't been back there since the induction that was on Friday, but I plan to go either later today or tomorrow.

The next part however is not so much about the Gym, more about being a man. So after every class and gym session I've been showering at home, theres nothing wrong with showering at home of course, but I wanted to try to have a shower here. So after yesterday mornings class I went into to the locker room, this locker room was the members only locker room, so a little bit more fancy. I was the only one there, I stripped down and had a shower, about 5 good minutes. Came out and there was still nobody there, I dried myself and still nobody came. But I still did it, so I am now a man I guess?

Seya Real Soon!


I bought an Elgato Game Capture HD!

I've always wanted to record video of me playing games and upload them for the world to see, I never cared what form but I knew I wanted something. I've tried multiple times in the past and I've bought a dazzle, splitter cables the whole lot but I just get so confused and it ends up being way to much hassle. So a few days ago I spent £150 on an Elgato Game Capture HD, I just said fuck it when am I going to have this much disposable income ever again. I've spent a bit with it and I am very happy with it, I had it set up and recorded a small fight on Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and uploaded it to You-Tube in less than 45 minutes.

I will be doing more tests over the course of today and tomorrow and hey Monday is a bank holiday for us UK people so that day too. I would love some feedback on the footage and the editing and the quality of the footage itself. Right now lets not focus to much on how mediocre I am at Virtua Fighter and how unlucky I am at Resident Evil 4, oh and what other games would you like to see me do? I can record off my PS3 and my Wii.

(To run this on my Mac though I had to have the latest update available, which meant the new OSX, which so far noticed little to no difference other than it has inverted my mouse scroll and I can't change it back, so fuck that.

Oh and I of course will not be flooding the site with videos of me playing a game, if you want to follow me on YouTube the name is Hizangable


Gym Diary - The Gym!

Dear Duders.

Another long wait but here we go again, time for another one of these. If you want to read my past Gym diaries here is those hot links.

So after a few classes I was give my induction into the gym, prior to this I wasn't allowed into the Gym until I could prove I knew what I was doing and wouldn't say strange myself with weights. So I arrived a little early and got to talk to the same person who did my health check, I was then given my very own key. It's basically a memory stick that you put in to each machine as you use it, it will store loads of information like calories burnt, what machines you used, length of time on machines, BPM etc. I was then give the tour and shown 6 machines.

  1. Bike machine.
  2. Stepping machine.
  3. Running Machine.
  4. Arm machine thingy.
  5. Another arm machine thingy.
  6. And this lay down and push away thingy.

Out of all of them I quite liked the bike machine, because I was used to it from my spinning classes, but I also enjoyed the last one. Each machine as a TV built in with a few channels, but to be honest I was content with listening to some music/bombcast on my iPhone. Since the induction I've only been once, but I've been to three classes since my induction and once swimming so it's not as though I've been avoiding excercise. Its been about 2 weeks now and I'm really enjoying my time, at the Gym. I've met a few regulars who will now greet me with a nod or a hi upon sight, a few of the staff members are also nodding in my direction too. I've started too see a lot more loverly LOVERLY men to, I must admit that one time I "accidentally" split water on a man walking towards me then drying him off with a towel. Oh wait that was just a dream.

So far I have a nice routine.

  • Monday - Gym.
  • Tuesday - Boxercise.
  • Wednesday - Spinning.
  • Thursday - Break.
  • Friday - Gym.
  • Saturday - Spinning.
  • Sunday - Break.

I also will go swimming whenever I feel like it, today for example its been so hot that I just went, but right now I'm avoiding it because the kids are still off for summer, mad packed. I may branch out and try a few new classes, but right now its going alright. I haven't noticed any difference yet, but that will take a very long time so I'm happy to wait.

Not sure when I'll do another one of these, but keep your eyes peeled.


Gym Diary - Spinning and Swimming.

Dear Duders.

It's been a while, I was originally going to post a blog Wednesday evening, but I was just so tired. So I was going to do it the next day, but then I knew I was going to do some more swimming and spinning today so I left it till now. If you want to see my past blogs take a look.

So I'll start with Spinning, Spinning involves the use of one of those stationary bikes, my nan has one but it was very complicated so I never even went near it. This one is very simple, it has some slots for your feet, that you can then tighten them on so they don't fall out. Then there is a resister that makes it either harder or easier to turn the pedals depending on which way you turn it. Thats really all there is too it, if you want you can adjust the seat height and distance from the bars, there is also a handy drink holder at the front. So thats the equipment, when I get to use the gym I will probably have a go at this, it's easy to use and a nice workout, but this is not that, this is spinning.

When you go in to a class it's more of less pitch black, you make your way to your chosen bike and get all ready. Then the teacher gets out her iPod/iPhone and puts on some Dubstep, yes no lie she puts on mad Dubstep! Disco lights then get turned on and the room turns into a disco room, so far it was awesome. Then the lesson begins, the lesson was a mixture of different stances, normal sitting, hunched over the bars hovering over the seat, standing upright. The teacher, much like the last one is doing the same as you and always talking. She was very encouraging but also tells you to go faster, turn up the resistance at this part, turn it down at this part, now sprint! Overall it was a very tiring class, a very good workout. I got much sweatier here than in the Boxercise class, I need to ask them about there changing rooms as so far I've been showering at home. So I did that Wednesday evening and I also did it this morning, quite early but was still good.

Now for swimming, I've been swimming many times before with my family, there was a point where I went every week, but I got older and my dad stopped going. We never used to swim anyway, just mess about. Now I'm older and I actually wanted to swim, seeing as I get in for free at any time + all of this really hot weather, why the fuck not. So I went in and didsome swimming Wednesday afternoon and this afternoon. I really enjoyed myself, I felt very grown up going by myself, having to wear a locker key, I also manned up and changed in front of everybody else instead of going to a cubicle. I mean I had a bigger dick than any of them anyway so why should I hide away.

(Although it was awkward when a small girl ran with her parent and saw me and asked what that long with was, the parent told her it was a float and went in a cubicle.)

But yes it was good fun, going to try and go swimming at least once a weekend and once a weekday. On the Gym side I have my induction to the real Gym on Monday and then a Boxercise and Spinning the following days. I have yet to book any new classes, I will try and book a different class so I can try something else. Until then, you should look at this picture.

Your welcome, seya real soon!


I may have just killed my legs.

So I'm back from the spinning class, I'm now off to bury my legs...IN MY BED!

Night, blog about this and my earlier swimming tomorrow (Cause I totally decided to do an hour's swimming before spinning, ugh).


Gym Diary - Boxercise.

Dear Duders.

Today is the day that I start my time at my local gym, for those unaware I wrote all about this in a previous blog that you can find here. So yes today was the first class, that class was Boxercise.

So I got their about 10 minutes early, I thought it best to get their early so I had time to find the lockers, toilets and take a quick look around. Upon arrival I was greeted by a nice women behind the counter who marked me in then showed me where the lockers was. I came back to find a few other early goers, one of which was a rather large man. I felt very happy seeing this rather large man, as it meant that this wasn't going to be a room full of muscle men. Although that would have been good to look at it would have made me very nervous as they would all run rings around me.

That man even talked to me for a bit, I then got talking with his wife(?) and already I felt comfortable. As time went on people piled up and there was quite a few people here, mostly females but 2 other males, one old one large. The rest were all middle age women, a few younger ones but none as young as me, again this made me feel quite comfortable. Then the teacher walked in and we got straight into it.

I found it very hard at first, as we started off with cardio, now don't get me wrong its not the "Oh this is so much effort" part of this that I wasn't to into. It was the "Oh my god what did she say, ok so left here right, oh crap forward, wait how many punches did she say?" I eventually got into it but it defiantly was not the best part about the lesson. That was just a warm up, soon after that the real lesson started.

We were split into teams, 1 and 2. People in group 1 had to wear boxing gloves while the second group had to get pads. We then got split into pairs, the person i got paired with was very friendly, always smiling and we ended up having a good natter during the class. As I work with 100% females and have done so for 3 years I know how to talk to women. The next 10 minutes was a series is different punches in time with the music, oh yes I forgot to mention a whole mess of music was played during the course, I don't really remember to many but it was all your standard techno/pop music. So there was 8 numbers, each number had a punch attached to it, so the first one was in order (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) which had us punching from high to low to jumping punch. It was a good workout, when we switched I found it a nice break.

Next we did an obstacle course of skipping then punching then running then punching then push ups then punching then squats then punching. It was a very good workout, my right arm is killing me and I write this, but hey thats probably a good thing. It was very fun, I ended up booking for the next two following sessions because I enjoyed it so much. All of the people in the group were friendly and there was no pointing and laughing whenever mistakes were made.

Look forward to another one of these tomorrow, spinning.