You should play this - Darksiders

I have spoken my mind many times on this site of what I think of the Zelda franchise, I enjoyed Wind Waker but I never enjoyed the rest of them like I did with Wind Waker. Aside from Wind Waker I only have finished Ocarina of Time and I'm not really a huge fan of that game either. So sometime last year I picked up Darksiders not really knowing too much about it, I played a bit of it but it got swept away in my huge backlog. This year Darksiders 2 will grace the world of video games and seeing as not to much else is coming out this year (That I am interested in, fuck Bioshock!) I should probably go and try Darksiders again and then see if I like it enough to get the second one. So over the course of a few weeks I played some Darksiders, my feelings were mixed but after playing it I decided I found it a really nice experience.

I recommend against messing with War..

I do admit the game starts off rather slow and not as interesting as later on, the game shoves tutorials/challenges down your throat which are mandatory. Darksiders also looks like it will follow the same structure after each dungeon, with you blowing that horn every time and then having to go and do a bunch of those stupid challenges. That soon ends though and it throws in some variety in the way the game goes forward. It becomes more fluid which is something i felt most Zelda games didn't have, especially Ocarina which to me feels like each part of the game was designed separately and out of sequence.

One of the best designed video game characters I have seen.

Not to dabble to much on Zelda talk but a lot of mechanics taken from Zelda are not just taken but also improved. Small things like being able to dash when climbing and being able to warp around quite early on and item management is a whole lot better and quicker. I mean no disrespect to the Zelda franchise but i just think Darksiders makes things better and easier, also the tune is better! As is the voice actors which is not really fair but common Zelda get with the times! War sounds really fitting as does The Watcher, as really does the whole of the cast. The story doesn't really take off until 3/4's of the way through but towards the end you end up getting involved in the story and caring about the characters.

The puzzles do get very difficult in a few places, I resorted to a guide on the last dungeon that was just fucking insane but awesome at the same time. The combat was really entertaining, it was very satisfying killing a mess of dudes. Which again in Zelda combat is really not all that interesting, here there are a bunch of cool moves and weapons to use in combat. I found the gun and boomerang to be useless but the scythe helped me out in a few key situations. I found this game very enjoyable and it ends on such a tease, I am now highly anticipating the next game and as should the rest of you.


Parents evening, car tossing and The Hunger Games

Another week is over and a new one is just about to begin, time for reflection.

I was in such a situation.

I have told this many times but for any new readers out there I will do a bit of explaining. I work in a Private Day Nursery which covers the ages of three months to about five years, I look after a year and a half till two years. On Thursday we had parents evening, many of your parents at some point would have probably gone to one and been told how great or crap you are. Every six months we have a parents evening, every month I get super nervous and stressed up about it. I spend a couple of weeks writing notes on each of my key children (I currently have four) and jotting down every single piece of information that may provide a good conversation topic. But then when it comes to it I end up not needing it and the conversation just flows naturally. Each parents is allotted ten minutes, now as you may also be aware some people in life just don't get the hint. I ended up going over all of my appointments because I am not very good at telling parents to go away, but hey whatever I'm getting paid so might as well stretch it out. In conclusion it went rather well, a great weight has been lifted of of me knowing that I haven't got to do one for another six months.

With parents evening out of the way I could start to relax a little bit, being so frantic about parents evening left me little time to play any games or read any books or watch anything. I played some Minecraft during the week but I think I am yet again bored of Minecraft, I'm sure I will come back in a month or two and play it a bunch for a week or so and then come to the same ending. I watched the final episode of the second generation of Skins, I am overall very moved by the way it ended, having Freddie revealed to have been killed it was rather shocking. I will start the 3rd generation next week and will soon be caught up to where the show is currently. I then decided I should probably start a game, I haven't really touched anything since Mass Effect 3 (Apart from Minecraft and a little bit of Darksiders.) and it's kind of bugging me. I have a huge backlog and I haven't even touched any of the 19 games I got from the GAME sale yet. But i thought it would probably be best to pick something I already own and haven't finished yet, so I looked through my collection and decided on Driver: San Fransico.

Hello 60 frames a second!

I got it at launch and really liked it, It did however get lost in the other games that came out around that time and I didn't have a chance to get back to it. So over the course of the weekend I finished the game, it's been out a while so I will talk about the ending, so spoilers! So I really like the game, I liked the story and the fact that it got mad weird especially towards the end. I liked how there was a boss battle at the end that involved you throwing cars at Jerchcio in your mind while he was doing the same. I liked how a lot of the side stories panned out, those two racing students were pretty great. The driving controls did get frustrating at times and I even started shouting at the TV in a few spots. That game gets brutal towards the end and I mean brutal, but overall a good game that I would recommend to any fan of driving or puzzle games. 4 Stars.

And here we are at Sunday, The Hunger Games came out a few days ago and today is the day that I was going to go see it. It is such a coincidence because I started reading the series only a few weeks ago, not even knowing that a movie was being made. After I read it I posted it on Facebook about how much of a good book it was, a friend then asked me whether I was going to go and see it. This caused me to look on the interweb and there it was, The Hunger Games out in a few weeks. So it was good timing if nothing else, the book was still fresh in my mind and I think that helped me enjoy the movie better. Which by the way was fucking amazing!


I don't usually cry at movies, in fact I have never cried at the movies, but The Hunger Games changed that. For those that have not seen it I will not spoil anything, but if you are planning to go brace yourself for some emotional entertainment. The premise of the movie should tell you that anyway, I mean it's a movie about a group of children forced into a large arena and only one child may leave. It has a disturbing premise and had my sister in tears also, I even read the book and I was still in tears. The way the film was shot and its score or lack of score just built it up so much, when a character died you as a person really felt what the main character was going through. The Hunger Games is the best film this year, it is one of the best films I have seen in a while too. Considering i saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 for the first time last week and then this, The Hunger Games make it look like a bore, I mean I sort of enjoyed the Twilight books but that movie was pretty crap.

So there we are, a week in a blog, how was your week?


I am not looking forward to any more games this year.

I think ultimatly I was spoiled in 2011, there were so many fantastic games in 2011 and I mean some truely amazing games.

  • Skyrim.
  • Saints Row the Third.
  • Mass Effect 2 (PS3).
  • Dead Space 2.
  • L.A. Noire.
  • Batman.
  • Portal 2.
  • Uncharted 3.
  • Mortal Kombat.
  • Super Mario 3D Land.

Thats a pretty big list, there not all of them either I mean Shadows of the Damned, Resistance 3, Mario Kart 7 it just keeps going. 2012 really though is not looking great for me. So ok so far I really enjoyed and am enjoying Mass Effect 3, The Darkness 2 (Kinda), Journey and The MGS HD Collection, so time to look towards the future right. So here is what I am looking forward to this year.

  • Resident Evil 6.
  • Borderlands 2.

So thats kinda it, out of the whole of the year thats it, if they get delayed then I'm pretty much screwed. So you may be at your monitor thinking hey this guy forgot Bioshock Infinite or Darksiders 2. Well nope, here are the games that everybody else is looking forward to and I will probably not get.

  • Bioshock Infinite - Really didn't like the first Bioshock, the gameplay reminded me of Half Life (A game I also didn't like) and the story didn't grab me.
  • Darksiders 2 - So I'm playing through Darksiders at the moment, I told myself I should play this so I am ready for the second one. However I'm finding it a slog to get through, people say it's just like Zelda but I am the guy who doesn't really like Ocarina of Time here. I dislike the art style and the puzzles/combat are not that interesting. (So far keep in mind only just done the first dungeon.)
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 - Didn't like the first Ninja Gaiden, really don't care for hack and slashers anyway.
  • Assassins Creed 3 - To be honest I would get this, but at this point I have Assassins Creed 1,2,BrotherHood on my shelf uncompleted and hardly touched so I may as well play these first. I liked the first one but the games came out to fast for me to keep up with and ended up being left behind. If I do finish the 4 Assassin Creed games I may get this one, but i doubt I will.
  • Far Cry 3 - I hated Far Cry Vengeance and I wasn't to in to Far Cry 2.
  • Prototype 2 - I may get this, but I never played the first one so I need to play that first.
  • Twisted Metal - Hated the way it controlled in the demo, fun to watch somebody else play through.
  • Future Professor Layton games - So I think I have reached a point where I don't want to play any more of these games, I have the 4th one sitting here and have not touched it.
  • GTAIV - I didn't like te direction they took with the GTA franchise, assuming its the same I will not be getting it.
  • The Last Guardian - As if thats ever coming out!

So there you go, if you could remind me of some games I missed or try to convince me on these games then please try. If not I suppose I have time to catch up on a large amount of games this year.


Send me questions!

In the past I used to avoid doing these things because nobody is going to send questions to a stranger, but I think I am now in a much better position. So yes send me questions and I will answer them in a video at the end of the week (Sunday), questions can be about anything and not just games.

Send them to me on here or via YouTube.

Also I'm 20 tomorrow.

It's pretty exciting.


GAME - My Thoughts

So GAME is going through some tough times right now, here is what I think about GAME. As I mentioned in the video I would love to hear back from people and see if they feel the same way or not.

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Say hello to iGame!

I have been known on here to be a bit of an Apple fanboy, I am always praising there work and I love all of there products. I am not alone and most people do to, but it seems that people who enjoy video games are not so keen to jump and buy an iMac. Most developers don't see an audience for video games Macs so they tend to ignore that system all together, but there are some great game on the Mac. So I have put together this brand new series I called "iGame" (Crap name pending) in which I show off some games that you can get for the iMac. I will show off both the games you need to get and the games you really need to avoid, I hope you enjoy this series and please if you enjoy a particular game on your iMac send me a recommendation and if I can afford it I will go and shoot a video. Please enjoy my first video for iGame showing off VVVVVV, if you like what you see please subscribe as there is more to come.

Oh and I got an iPhone 4S today, it's pretty great. I uploaded a small test video which you can find here With me now being able to record off of my Mac, that Club Penguin challenge...


Video Update - Netflix and LEGO!

It has been a while since I did one of these, I hope you enjoy it. I'm also looking to do another game collection video next weekend, so I would love to know what console you want me to do.

Enjoy Duders!


So I'm not doing that any more!

Just a small blog to say that my 50 games of all time blog series thing is no longer being done, I'm sorry to those who were enjoying them but I do have a reason. So I uploaded about 4 of them I think, every time I went to write the next one I would change the order of a few games around and then take some games off the list and add some games. You see I could never make up my mind where I wanted to place games, I knew what games were in the top two but other than that it was a nightmare.

So there you go, its weird how I always set out to do things (Runescape 30 day challenge, Club Penguin year challenge,) and I never finish it...


My most anticipated games of 2012.

Some called 2011 a bad year for video games, what with all of the sequels, but I for one really enjoyed 2011. But enough about 2011 because 2012 is just about to begin, January really does not count because nothing has come out in 2012 up to this point aside from a few games. So here are the games that I am personally most looking forward to getting my hands on.

Please note these games are in no order.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Although released last November in this US it was for some unknown reason delayed until Febuary the 3rd in Europe, being a huge MGS fanboy this was not the best of news. My first impulse was to import it from the US, but at the time there was so many games coming out (Skyrim, MW3, Uncharted 3, Saints Row the Third etc) and I did not want it to fly away into my backlog. So I waited, the wait is almost over, I have completed MGS2 over 100 times and I am not joking. When your little you just play the same game over and over again, every single weekend I literally rotated between playing MGS2 and MGS1 and every weekend I would beat it. I know that game in and out and it got to a point where I would mouth the words before the characters even said them. When MGS3 came out I was a tad older so did not play it as many times, but i still completed it probably 50 + times. Peace Walker remains the only MGS game I have not played, so I'm really excited for that. Ironically it comes out just as a whole mess of other games start to come out too, but hey whatever check out the European launch trailer which has to be one of the best trailers I have seen in a while.

Turns out that this trailer is even not official, wow..

Resident Evil 6

I did not get in to the franchise until Resident Evil 4, after playing that and enjoying it I went back and bought some past Resident Evil games, I really did not like any of them. So I was glad when Resident Evil 5 arrived and they decided to not go back to the horrible gameplay of the first games, yes I'm admitting I really enjoyed Res5, one of my favourite games of that year. Sure it's not scary, but I don't think that is what they are going for anymore, I'm totally ok with that being the case. All I'm looking for a decent action movie experience full of shooting and awesome set pieces. It is only a recent announcement but the game from the trailer does look pretty awesome, I really hope it comes out this year.

Mario Party 9

The Mario Party franchise gets a lot of hate from many people, I am not one of those people. I honestly enjoy the Mario Party franchise, it has a nice blend of luck and skill with the mesh of a board game with mini games. I have played pretty much all of the Mario Party games and I love how they continue to make original and awesome mini games. But the board game aspect is what really drives me to play these games, the mini games are good but there is something satisfying about planning out what route to take across the board. The boards have been really good so far and I hope to see them continue this trend with Mario Party 9. Mario Party 8 came out around the time the Wii came out, so they have had a while to gather ideas for this game, I couldn't be any more stoked for this game and I really hope you guys give it a chance.

Mass Effect 3

I don't think I need to justify having this on my list, its fucking Mass Effect 3. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2 and I am interested to see what will happen in the game based on my actions of Mass Effect 2. I ended it with all characters alive aside from Miranda, fuck that bitch! The one thing I am hoping for is better shooting, it was good in ME2 but not great. In all honestly I'm not interested in the multiplayer at all, I don't see why the felt the need to include it to a story driven game, but hey video games am I right?

Paper Mario

I'm not a fan of the direction they took the Paper Mario franchise with Super Paper Mario. I didn't really like the art direction or the gameplay direction, I much more preferred the original Paper Mario. From the trailer and the little pieces of information we know I believe they are taking it back to its roots and I couldn't be more happy. This is one of the reasons that I am happy to have a 3DS and I can't wait to see what new features they add to this game.

So there we go, 5 of the games I am most looking forward to this year!


I have played over 40 hours of Saints Row this weekend...

I had a whole list of things I wanted to do this weekend, I was going to do a top 100 video game list, beat Bioshock/Deus Ex, write a few reviews, go out shopping. But I'm afraid one thing got in the way of me achieving all of those things...

Cry harder sad panda!

So I finished Saints Row The Third last year not long after it came out, I really enjoyed my time with the game and I placed it number 4 on my 2011 GOTY list. I assumed that was the last time I would see Saints Row the Third again, I assumed I would be too busy playing other games to jump back in for the DLC. But I booked this past Friday off work, not knowing that Thursday was the day that the DLC came out, good timing. So I got myself an energy drink ready, got myself the season pass and was ready to jump back in to the world of SteelPort and do some Genki Bowl VII. However after an hour and a bit I finished the DLC and got all of the trophys. Don't get me wrong I really did enjoy the DLC, but I was so amped up from the energy drink that I wanted more.

So I then decided to create a new character, and by new I went start off as a completely new dude, then felt weird not playing as the lady I played as before so went back to her. I barrelled through hella missions up until midnight. In my state of tiredness I went and bought every single thing in the store, the Shark gun the costumes, everything but the cheats. But I still wanted more, I haven't felt like this with a game for a long time, still hungering for more. So the next day I spent pretty much all day playing through the game, and ultimately on Saturday morning I had beaten the game again. So I was ready to throw in the towel and go and play something else?


Nope, you see I have never ever got a Platinum trophy before, and I own over 100 PS3 games with trophies in them. And I looked at the trophy list and they seemed quite easy. So I spent the whole of Saturday playing through the side activities and messing around with some people online. I also found out that the longer you play the game for (In one sitting) the worse everything gets, the frame rate, the lag, freezing and even not being able to sprint or get into cars. At one point I ended up loosing 2 hours of gameplay because of this.

I stayed up until 1AM this morning finishing off the last collectables and missions. Today my time has been spent doing all of the veichle thefts and assassination missions and the more annoying challenges. I spent like 3+ hours on the veichle theft stuff and I have to say that is the worst part of that game easily. I have also been buying everything, I now have no more upgrades to buy in any form, just clothes, which I now have a lot of. All thats left now is about 5 challenges, none of the hard ones really just like the streaking ones and mini game type ones. Oh and also about 10 more assassination missions and the survival missions, about 13 of those.

So I just now looked at my playtime and it sits at 45 hours, that is 45 hours I have spent playing that game since Thursday 5PM. That is a lot of fucking time playing Saints Row The Third, a whole mess of time listing to Kayne Wests Power on repeat, I think I never want to hear that song again. I even am starting to have that map memorised, some of the Assassination Missions are like go to Bridgeport and I'm like yeah so I go round here and make a left there and jump over the ramp past the zombies and hey there I am.

I'm pretty bummed I didn't get it finished this weekend, but I finish work at 1:30 tomorrow so I should get it done then. Oh and incase you don't know, Saints Row is FUCKING AWESOME!

Update - Platinumed!