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This shit looks complicated.

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So is this game written BY 10-year-olds, or just FOR them? What a bunch of hammy garbage.

Also, police officers, why did you put your guns away?

Guns can't stop cyborg Ninjas, have you ever Seen Gray Fox or Mr X? In the scenes they are in and in the fight with Gray Fix he would slice the bullets away.
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@Overbite said:

You could already have lesbians in vanilla Sims.

Oh yeah you could.

Oh yeah.

Thats another reason why the original Sims is the best Sims.

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I saw a Bidof.
Fuck that shit.

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@Redbullet685'I really like it, but if there was no room for Sorcery there is no room for SSX!
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Great to see some SSX love, I've not seen it on anybody else's.

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@ChrisTilton said:

Heh, I didn't realize MGS HD collection was released in 2011. Perhaps the digital release was this year? I got the one that just had MGS 2 and 3 (no Peacewalker). There was a lot of intentional goofiness for sure, but there's also a lot of genuine dialog and emotional moments that come across as really hokey, especially all these years later. I remember totally being into it (seriously!) when they came out, though.

Glad you all like the list. A lot of this is so subjective, as something may really emotionally resonate with me (if you're the sort to want that), but not with others.

MGS HD Collection came out in 2012 in Europe, so I understand the confusion.

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Lollipop Chainsaw, thanks now you reminded me how shit that game was, all those bad memories are flooding back!

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I was 10 years old when it came out, I played it then and I play it now.

This trailer upsets me though, because playing it on the iPad or iPhone will suck, why not just release it in HD on PS3?

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This really looks like a cool game, I may have to pick this up.