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I'm also really into pop, but hey who cares, if it sounds good listen to it.

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The new ones are nothing like how the original game was, which sucks because it used to be pretty cool.

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I dunno maybe a musical instrument or something?

Also, I think thing you should be more grateful seeing as you seem to have everything you could possibly want.

Exactly, I have everything I could possibly want, so I don't really want anything else. I don't want to just tell my parents to get me something I don't really want just to keep them happy.

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Did anybody else get the physical Wizard Companion? I really really wish I got the Wizards edition now because there selling for crazy expensive on eBay now and the book alone is selling for over £100.

I saw your other thread. Why don't you ask this for you birthday?

Because I am unsure if I would have finished the game by then, if I have I would have no use for the book anymore. I mean it would still be cool, but it wouldn't get as much use as it would be right now. I'm always checking that thing!

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Despite the original movies being better, the Darth Maul fight scene was incredible.

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@Colourful_Hippie: @FluxWaveZ: I've already tried to get them to just be happy with buying me something small, but they say 21st is a special birthday so they want to get me something bigger.

@Sayishere said: Unfortunately they don't like giving me money, they want to wrap something and have me wonder what it is.

@spankingaddict: I was leaning towards this, I may just ask for two games. But to be honest I don't really want any games right now.

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It's going to be my 21st next month, I plan on going out with some friends and getting drunk, that's all. But my parents keep pestering me asking me what I want for my birthday, the problem is I don't really need anything. But they get so annoyed at me when I say I don't know, so duders what shall I ask for to please them?

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Spelling is becoming obsolete with spell check integrated into almost everything.

While I do get this argument, it is really dangerous in my opinion. Do you feel the same about being able to do calculations without a calculator, or about being able to read maps?

As long as you know basic calculations you should be fine, other than that use a calculator. Map reading is quite important though.
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Minecraft is very unique.