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That's a sad thought that I didn't really think about before.

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I haven't even got to the point where you can catch familiars, but so far I'm enjoying the combat.

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I was going to suggest the Will Smith Cum face, but that would be creepy.

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@Castiel said:

Guys we have to be realistic. It's not going up this weekend.

Deal with it!

No it will be up tomorrow..I hope.

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@Alpha1: I don't know, I mean I don't really like beer, I think it's kinda gross.

All about dat vodka!

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@Demoskinos: I got my first merit and bought jumping, was I suckered?

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Can't wait for Dead Space 3, I loved both of the previous entries, they managed to make a fantastic horror game that is genially scary and plays well.

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This may sound silly, but you have the choice of whether the objective marker is on or off, what have you done?

I started with it on but I recently turned it off, it was about the time that I had to hunt down some enthusiasm. The way it works is the closer you are to somebody with some to spare it will glow green, but with the objective marker on it shows you exactly where the person is without having to look, which kin d of takes some of the fun out of it. There was also a quest before that involves finding three lost children, but each child was on the map glowing so you knew exactly where they were.

I don't mind having a vague objective marker but when it points out exactly where hidden stuff is it just seems to defeat the point.