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2 medium sized pancakes will do me, or just 1 if i'm having eggs with it.

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"And another thing! The DRM in this game actually works. You can't pirate the fucker, mission accomplished."

Well... You can. There are already private servers up for cracked players.

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You're disgusting envane.

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That's what i am doing, I was merely suggesting to add another option in the release section as the two are different things.

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That's on the main page, I'm talking about the own release date section, which doesn't have that option.

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So I have started adding and editing release dates for all NES games, Up to around 250 games done, then iIm going to work on the other retro consoles, A problem I've been having is when adding the date released a lot of games don't have a specific date, most of the time only month and year, sometimes only year. Would it be possible to add another option to input the closet release date? I've been using the Expected release date as it lets me add only month and year though I know that's not what is was intended to do.


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Get ScummVM and play old point and click adventure games like full throttle.

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I found it fine once you set it all up and grasp how the controls work, it's more then fine, i had a blast!