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So they just announced MythBusters is done after this season. After a good long run, Jamie and Adam are gonna move on to other projects.

What happens to Tested?

I imagine Berman Braun only cares about "Jamie and Adam's Tested" and would try to offload it to somebody else or just shut it down if there isn't somebody immediately ready to take it off their hands. Again for clarification, they have not actually said MythBusters is ending but as they enter their eleventh season I can easily see them calling it a day within the next five years.

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@snide: Try filing the part that snags with an emery board til its smooth. Eventually it will all work itself out as the new nail grows in.

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@rmanthorp said:

Man Ed Boon does not seem as happy in these videos as he did when he was talking about MK last time around... I hope they have not been pushed into this. It just sucks when a CD is not passionate about the product.

Personally as a huge comic book and huge fighting game fan I am confused as to why this doesn't excite me at all.

Remember, in order to keep that DC license they probably are required to do something with it on a regular basis ( see: Activision/Spider-Man). Its been four years since MK vs DC.

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$80 invested in a copy editor

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the first quick look was B-Boy right?

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The trojan is coming from within the computer.

I beat Trojan for the NES way too many times as a kid.

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Apples to Apples would be a completely awesome mess.

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@Creamypies: They aren't playing PC games. Give it up.