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@snide: Try filing the part that snags with an emery board til its smooth. Eventually it will all work itself out as the new nail grows in.

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@rmanthorp said:

Man Ed Boon does not seem as happy in these videos as he did when he was talking about MK last time around... I hope they have not been pushed into this. It just sucks when a CD is not passionate about the product.

Personally as a huge comic book and huge fighting game fan I am confused as to why this doesn't excite me at all.

Remember, in order to keep that DC license they probably are required to do something with it on a regular basis ( see: Activision/Spider-Man). Its been four years since MK vs DC.

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$80 invested in a copy editor

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the first quick look was B-Boy right?

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The trojan is coming from within the computer.

I beat Trojan for the NES way too many times as a kid.

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Apples to Apples would be a completely awesome mess.

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@Creamypies: They aren't playing PC games. Give it up.

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4.Re: No subjectFeb 10, 2004, 12:13snide
thanks blue.

i get the dee snider shit all the time at checkout counters. it's terribly annoying, but it could be worse, I know quite a few Michael Jacksons.

Just a heads up for all you bookworms, we'll be adding books in about two weeks time

dave snider
co-founder | guzzlefish.com
my dvd, cd, and game collections
dave snider
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@TheHBK said:

This is not as bad as when he posted a link to nude pictures of himself. While I appreciated seeing Ryan naked, lots of people didn't.

What in god's name was the context?

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