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Here's everything you need to know about the Dwarven people of Elder Scrolls lore.http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Dwemer

Have no idea what mean by it not being fair. It's Bethesda's world, they can do what they want with it.

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I was wondering the countryside just outside of Whiterun, trying to find a mammoth to hunt so as to retrieve its tusk. While looking for one of these beasts I stumbled upon a bit of ruins with three skeletons walking around them. I manage to kill one of them, thinking the other two hadn't seen me, but sure enough I turn around and they're chasing after me. I'm too weak to take them both on, so turn back around and start running for it and whaddaya know, there's a mammoth. It starts running toward me, and swings its massive tusks when it gets near. So now I'm on the run from it as well. As I'm running I quickly turn around to see if they were still on me, and as soon as I do the mammoth bulldozes the two skeletons and their bones fly in all directions, and the mammoth stands there basking on top of their remains. Turns out it wasn't chasing me at all, it just really, really didn't like those skeletons.

To thank him from saving me from certain annihilation, I let him live and went off to search for another mammoth.

Doesn't seem all that great, but everything happened so suddenly, yet so fluidly that it was really intense, and beyond what I expected Bethesda to accomplish in terms of interaction between different creatures/NPCs and the player.

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Yup, that's fantasy music.

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Eh, not a fan of any of them, to be honest (especially not BB). Would consider buying the Dream Theater tracks for the difficulty, though.

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The stickies over at the official Elder Scrolls forums in the Morrowind Mods section should help you out.

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I will change anything and everything I can about the UI and HUD.

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Yes, they actually have claws! I hated how both Khajiit in Oblivion had human fingers. Argonians better have some sort of claws or something as well.

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Thanks, everyone! I actually had no idea about the L2 button thing.

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If what we've seen is the final product (or close to it), then I hate it. The ONLY thing I like is the 3D item examination. I'll continue Tennmuerti's list from above:

  • I can no longer see my character model in the inventory screen, therefore can't see what he looks like with whatever I have equipped without exiting the menus and switching to third person
  • in order to see the stats for each item you must first have the cursor hovered over it, so you can't quickly compare items anymore, which is especially important for choose the best equipment in your inventory and managing your encumbrance (this is THE worst thing about the new UI)
  • you can't see nearly as much items while scrolling through them
  • everything is much too scattered around the screen, I would much prefer a more condensed menu
  • and I'm going to reiterate Tennmuerti's first point because I think this attempted blend of modern and fantasy is awful

I'm torn between the new UI (and I mean ALL aspects, from the HUD to the map to the inventory screen, etc.) and the removal of item degradation as the worst things about Skyrim [so far] (and that all Argonians apparently have spike beards, but at least that doesn't affect gameplay).

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The only NHL game I've ever played is 04 (which I hear dedicated fans often call one of, if not the best, NHL games to date, so it was by pure luck that I picked that one up, but I digress), and if I recall correctly there was a sprint-like button you held to get a temporary speed boost.

I've been playing the hell out of the NHL 12 demo (will hopefully pick up the full game tomorrow), and I'm not sure how exactly to use the hustle button. I thought it was weird when I saw it mapped to L3, and I tried holding and clicking it and nothing seems to happen. I see that these games have been massively upgraded in terms of realism since 04, so I'm assuming the effect is more subtle, but it really doesn't seem like it does much.