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It sounds like this is either your first NHL game or you don't know anything about the game of hockey (or the most likely scenario, both). Sports games have rather specific audiences.

If you're not interested in the sport or don't know how to play it then of course it's going to be tough, so you can either learn to play or not buy an NHL game again (don't even know what possessed you to pick it up in the first place). The game does not suck just because you're terrible at it, though.

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I literally said "what the fuck" right before the guy at 1:18 did. Pretty much wraps up all of my feelings for this game in one, short statement.

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Thank you everyone for reading!

My laptop's hard drive died on me the other day, and so I've lost my save file, sadly. Might try to recreate my character, though I doubt I'll have enough time to thoroughly play through Morrowind before Skyrim comes out.

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Half the fun of that level were the navigation issues, so I completely agree with the OP. Way too many damned lights lying all over the ground.

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Terrible, terrible decision. I don't care how bad it has been in past games, the removal of the repair system in its entirety is stupid. All they had to do was slow the degradation down and vary the rates depending on which piece of equipment it was and its material.

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Looks good, love the art style. Yeah, it seems to play like Portal, which will either be good or bad (i.e., playing too much like Portal). One thing I can say for certain is that I hope it's actually challenging.

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Orcs and Bosmer definitely got the best overhauls, if you ask me. I'll actually have to play through as them now. 
But Bethesda, these better not be all of the hair/beard styles. Also, it looks like all Argonians have those spikes along their jawline...what the fuck, Bethesda, I thought that would be a beard option. And where are the fins and spines? All I see are spikes and feathers...you're changing them from reptilians to horned dinosaurs, which I do NOT like. At all. These changes are the worst ones yet about Skyrim.

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Laaaaaaaaaame. Love Incubus, but the only track I'd even considering buying is Wish You Were Here.

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This makes up for last week.