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The general plot has long been revealed. From the UESP

The High King of Skyrim has been murdered, triggering a civil war among the province's people, the Nords. Many Nords wish to secede from the empire, which has been declining in power since the fall of the Septim Dynasty 200 years earlier, while others believe the empire is still worth preserving. A prophecy foretold by the Elder Scrolls is fully realized by this last event; dragons have returned to the land, and the Nordic god Alduin rises to consume the world. The player character is the last of the "Dovahkiin" (or "dragonborn"), mortals who are born with the soul of a dragon and can speak their language. Esbern serves as advisor, himself one of the last of the Blades, who swore to preserve the Empire. This prophecy is also spelled out on Alduin's Wall, a stone wall at Sky Haven Temple, the secret hidden refuge of the last of the Blades.

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All these new pics look great, but I wish the beast races had claws. :( 
I'm satisfied with the Argonians, though. Will probably try my hand at a Khajiit character as well...hell, maybe even an Orc, and a Bosmer after seeing their pictures! 

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Ok, I understand the need to keep diversity in the Rock Band library...but even more Fall Out Boy?

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I'm positive Bethesda is fully aware of the pressure that fans are putting on them to give us a picture. They've been very cautious about releasing information to us on Skyrim, slowly but surely leaking little by little, so I'm sure we'll see an Argonian sometime before the game is released. 
I'm guessing Argonians just had the biggest redesign of all the races, and they just didn't want to release a picture of them right away and instead save it for a time when it'll really give us a shock. If you visit the official Skryim forums you'll actually find that most people are dying to see what they look like, myself included. I've always been an Argonian player, and after seeing what the other races look like so far my hopes are extremely high for my reptilian buddies. 

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@damswedon: Ah, you're right.
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Love me some Heart. 
That's quite an odd solo to chart to guitar, especially considering there's a guitar part playing behind it.

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Like Akrid said, seems pretty janky still. It looked absolutely awful when the dragon picked up the giant. 

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I do believe it has been said that dragons can cause some impact damage to the ground when they hit it, but I doubt such mechanics get much more complex than that.

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@skrutop: Privilege is definitely a great song, and would totally work in Rock Band.
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Ugh...I hate Adolescents, and if it's what the rest of the new album sounds like (haven't listened to it yet), then Incubus is done in my eyes. Wish You Were Here is a good song, but I can't imagine it'll be all that fun in Rock Band, at least compared to many of the band's other songs. And Pardon Me...even as a die hard Incubus fan, I honestly think that is one of their worst songs.