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YES! One of my favorite bands, easily (at least for their older stuff, don't care at all for their newest music). 
Terrible song choices, though. I can live with Megalomaniac, and maybe Wish You Were Here, but I'm so sick of the most well known songs being picked (surprised that Drive isn't on there). Seriously, give me some SCIENCE, Make Yourself that isn't Pardon Me, and something else from ACLofM. 
My five choices would have been Deep Inside, New Skin, Beware! Criminal, ACLotM, and When It Comes.

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As someone who just got into Morrowind recently, I really, really hope Skyrim does not turn out like Oblivion in the lore/story department. 
Unfortunately, Bethesda seems to be more focused on refining the combat and other action elements, at an expense to the depth of the lore. 
Too early to judge, though, so I'll cross my fingers that Skyrim at least meets the standards that Morrowind set.

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I have no idea what just happened and I love it.

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Not only would the combat not work well in that situation, as others have said, but I can only imagine how clunky that game would get with that amount of characters on-screen. Sure, might work for people with supercomputers, but for those without such machines I'm sure their systems would take a hit, especially when you consider what Bethesda said in their fan interview regarding the merging of curaisses to greaves:

 it renders a lot faster too, so we can put more people on screen

If they were having issuew with rendering a lot of NPSc at once beacause of the armor then I seriously doubt the game would run optimally with upwards of 100 active characters at any given time.
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@PeasantAbuse said:
@Twitchey said:
@Beforet: Maybe the basic non pre-order comes with a basic map and the pre-order comes with a cloth map?

"[Yes], there will [also] be a regular paper map included in all copies of the game, but if you want to get the premium map, we recommend pre-ordering the game."

Taken from the link someone posted earlier in the thread. 

Whoops, must have overlooked that part. Thanks.
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Agree completely. In-game preorder bonuses are ridiculous, but I certainly like extra goodies like maps. Matter of fact, I might preorder it so that I can actually have a drawn map to use while playing, as opposed to using the in-game 3D atrocity.

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You play on some bad servers. I have not seen a single "elitist" P2P at all since the update came out.

People are getting a very inaccurate picture of the TF2 community if they think this sort of thing is representative.

Well, I have on almost every single server I've played on since the game became free. I'm not saying all P2P guys are like this, hell, not even saying the majority are, but I certainly haven't been able to avoid them. Bad luck? Maybe, but like I said them combined with the stupidity of a lot of the F2P crew has definitely brought the game down. 
I just miss the days of pre-item TF2.
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The elitist P2P players are just as bad as a lot of the F2P players. It's almost impossible to find a good game nowadays because of the vets who take the game (and the fucking items) too seriously and have an unjustifiable bias against any F2P players, and because of the F2P players who whine and beg for new items rather than just playing the game. What the game really needs is a magical asshole and dumbass detector. Also, i n my opinion, if you hop from server to server trying to buy and sell items you're ruining the game more than a F2P player who just wants to play the game.
I actually find that playing with new players on the Valve servers is becoming more fun than other servers. Seems like new players who actually want to learn how to play head to the official servers, while item-obsessed idiots go elsewhere.

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Doubt this new romance aspect will be anything more than a gimmick. Like Mike76x said above, Bethesda hasn't even gotten casual conversations completely down, so I can only imagine what having a wife will be like in this game. 
"Evening, buttercup! Where have you been for the past 18 weeks?" 
"Oh, you know, slaying dragons 'n shit." 
"Disgusting creatures. Good night." 
What I would prefer is that Bethesda enhance the interactions between NPCs themselves. The only thing a married couple did in Oblivion was share the same house; they never actually did anything together and talked to each other as if they were complete strangers. If Bethesda could first correctly create a dynamic, living community of NPCs that love, hate, and interact with each other, then, and only then, would I want them to attempt some sort of romance aspect between the character him/herself and an NPC.

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I approve of Heart.