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I'll get around to adding all you Xbox goers soon enough. I'm back from vacation now, so maybe we can start playing!

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We already know Abbey Road is coming as downloadble content "soon after launch," so it's likely we'll see some more albums in the future. If you had to pick three to be released, what would they be?

I'm just going with my favorite three Beatles albums:

1. Please Please Me
2. Help!
3. A Hard Day's Night

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@marioncobretti: Haha, it's not a problem. ;D

Added you and MGS to the list.
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@marioncobretti: I'll need your Gamertag/PSN ID. :P
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I just realized that I didn't pick the best time to make this thread, since I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow. Oh boy, looking forward to updating this thing after a whole week will go by. >_>

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Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification.

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@nick69 said:
" has anyone else noticed that they don't wear guitar straps? It's pretty hard to play guitar, standing up, without a strap.. "
That's always been a strange flaw in Rock Band. I was hoping they'd fix it in The Beatles game, but it's not that big of a deal to me.
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That's actually not a bad idea, DrFidget. I'll try and get around to adding timezones in later.

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I tried adding a few songs to the Rock Band 2 DLC page, and I have over 1,000 Wiki Points, but the pop-up message I get after finishing the edit says the submission needs to be approved. (It shows the message for people under 1,000 points that says after I get 1,000 points, submissions no longer need approval.)

This is only happening with the DLC pages, so I'm think it may be a bug specific to them since they were just recently added.

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Alright, added djstyles and updated list with your Quickplay account, Nat.